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Race Equality Act......?

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ToraToraTora | 11:54 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | News
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It seems Labour will introduce a new race equality act. I am not aware of anything at all that is not already the same for everyone regardless of race. What is it going to equalise?



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My guess it will include stronger directives to employers to employ develop and promote those of a non white ethnicity,  it won't be an equality bill, it will be an affirmative action one.... Anyone fancy betting against me?

I think it more likely to be a race inequality bill.

what it says on page 88 of the manifesto:-

"Labour will introduce a landmark Race Equality Act, to enshrine in law the full right to equal pay for Black, Asian, and other ethnic minority people, strengthen protections against dual discrimination and root out other racial inequalities. Labour will also reverse the Conservatives’ decision to downgrade the monitoring of antisemitic and Islamophobic hate"

what current legislation, or loophole therein, permits ethnic minority workers to be paid less?

Will it also apply to white people in areas in which they are now an 'ethnic minority' ?

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12:16 "what current legislation, or loophole therein, permits ethnic minority workers to be paid less?" - indeed, this looks very much like a thinly disguised anti caucasian act.

You'd need to ask Starmer for details. But we do get reports of positions only being open to some ethnicities so maybe they're going to come down hard on those who preach there is such a thing as white advantage, and who use quota excuses to bar sections of the community.

People who unwittingly enjoy 'white privilege ' may not know the problems faced by those of other races. 

A new equality act could go some way in dealing with them.

Problems mainly of their own making. Sure you find the openly racist individual still, but mainly all have access to a decent education, the opportunity for further education, the same or better chance of a job offer (due to quotas and the like). So if they don't progress they need to check what they're getting wrong.

//People who unwittingly enjoy 'white privilege ' //

Pray tell what is this priviledge?

Virtual fiver on it Naomi? ,  both will end up with the same result, the majority feeling increasingly threatened, and disempowered and more fuel to the Nationalist parties

Question Author

"White privilege" - what's that? The worse thing you can be these days is a middle aged white bloke!

So recruitment based on colour rather than ability which course leads to resentment. I thought the objective is for us all to be colour blind so to speak. Funny way of going about it.

With a link there would be no need to get everyone heated up over something that's just in their imagination. I'm sure gulliver would agree.

what current legislation, or loophole therein, permits ethnic minority workers to be paid less?

er exploitation by members  of their own minority ?

moosheh - you got to page 88 without passing out

you need a gladstar for your fridge

gold star

what happened to white black asian british, and not afro carribean or hong kong asians, it's like pidgeon holing, it makes division, what happened to united.

The political elites do not want us united.

United we stand divided we fall.

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Race Equality Act......?

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