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Why Are So Many Brits So Anxious To Get Back Into The Eu.

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gulliver1 | 12:14 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | News
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Brits are Queuing up to take their holidays in the EU. Why !English seaside towns are dumps , it never stops raining in the UK and Staycations are nothing but a rip-off.A cottage in Cornwall will cost you £1,000 a week Shocking rail fares ,extortionate prices for dining out   Come and join us in the Eu for the Sunny Uplands.It's great you should never have left...Enjoy.



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Are they? What evidence do you have of this? Or is it just your usual baseless BS?

Brits have always holidayed in Europe. That does not mean they want to rejoin the EUSSR.

A staycation is not a holiday in the UK - it's spending your time off in your own home

They ain't specifically wanting to go to the EU for a holiday. Most just want a good chance of nice weather in a foreign location. Whether the place chosen is or isn't in the EU is of little consequence. That stated EU countries are relatively near so are often selected, usually on the grounds of cost.

Another nonsense post.   If they're queuing to get in they haven't left.

Once again this is not news just a stupid ramble. Quite why you hate the UK so much when you don't live here is anybody's guess.

I think he's obsessed with home.  Pining for it - but stuck.

Question Author

One man just back from a wet and cold holiday in Scotland . Says he flew easy jet to Scotland and hired a car to keep costs down .Although  splashing out on a couple of meals ,car fuel and a few entrance fees it cost him £2.200 and was a complete waste of money.

One man went to the Greek Islands - died of heatstroke. Wished he had gone to Scotland!

I've now had the opportunity to download and read the manifestos of all the big parties. none of them includes a pledge to rejoin the EU. Indeed, Labour specifically say in theirs (on page 117) "With Labour, Britain will stay outside of the EU"

I think someone is not capable of working out that Europe is not the EU.

Ohe well, like trying to educate pork sometimes.

Question Author

Davebro 12.38 I Don't think that reply was very funny.   Is that how you educated you at the Tory School of Radicalisation .

Why is this allowed to stay in news when it's nothing but except it's a post by gulliver . If you want to ask why people may want to rejoin the EU then fair enough but that has absolutely nothing to do with where people go on holiday and why (error 2 after your complete misunderstanding of a what staycation really means).

People who go abroad for holidays will pick EU countries because they are geographically close and also for weather, culture, scenery etc but millions also go to the Caribbean, Americas or Far East. In your mind does that mean they want to be part of their country too?

gully - you gave a single instance of one man who didn't enjoy his holiday. I gave you another. It wasn't meant to be funny.

They are not taking hoidays in the EU, they are tak8ng them i  mainland Europe. There is a difference.

Question Author

Prudie  .This post is Based on an article printed in Todays news.

My nan and grandad used to go to Spain in the 60s, it was a new thing then. Their lounge was full of Spanish Tourist tat! That was long before the EUSSR.

12:55 do you have a link to the news item so we can analyse the story for ourselves?

Turkey is quite popular - been there a few times meself.

& Morocco

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Why Are So Many Brits So Anxious To Get Back Into The Eu.

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