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Sunak Crushed In Sky Tv Debate With Starmer.

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Atheist | 21:53 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | News
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Instant viewer scorer put Starmer with positive votes nearly double Sunak's. I would have put it even higher. The studio audience reaction was overwhelming in its preference for Starmer.



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But how many people have Sky, Atheist? We don't.  It's interesting to hear the summation, though.

How could you watch such a predictable pantomime full of empty promises ?

Is there anyone who doesn't know already how they are going to vote ?



It was on Sky Mix, which is on Freeview.


I hear Starmer proudly said he didn't have Sky TV as a teenager. Well he wouldn't, it didn't start until he was 27.

Is this like, sort of, the Eurovision Song Contest?

I though there was a General election coming up, not the finals of "Britain's Got Talent".

These "contests" are ridiculous. Voters should have known months ago how they would vote in a GE, not base their decision on who gets "crushed" in a stupid TV game show.

i watched it, all beer did was deflect questions with double speak, kept licking his lips erm obviously nervous, if he was a used car salesman, i would not buy a car off him, its like he has no faith in his used cars, only has 50.000 miles on the clock driven by an old lady to church on sundays, change that from cockney to posh...starmer.

Any clown who is swayed by these pointless debates probably shouldn't have a vote in the first place.


It's not about the politics, it's about asking the lying bar stewards what they're lying about and why. And getting the odd (not so) veiled insult in.


While I cede these debates are utterly pointless exercises, had the result been the other way round, we'd have posts on AB now telling us how Sunak "tore Sir Beer a new one" or similarly colourful vernacular.

Were Ant & Dec presenting?

From what I can gather by all the negative answers on this thread The Tories are losing and the Ab Tories don't like it. ...🤣But I do.🤣

Mozz 07.45 And this would not have been Atheist's thread.   TTT would have been  on here like **** off a shovel 🤣

How could you watch such a predictable pantomime full of empty promises ?

almost literary - I think I will  use it... cd I pass it off as Dicken ( Mantalini -" it is such a demmed shame - we just watched.....")

or Bradley headstone ( played early by Warren Doodah) - Life is just a predictable


//The studio audience reaction was overwhelming in its preference for Starmer.//

I'm sure a Sky audience was totally independant fair!

Sunak was finished before this even began though, good riddence to the back stabbing snake.

Anyone else see the resemblance to Roland Rat?

If Sunak was "crushed" it certainly wasn't by Starmer, and there was no "debate" here- just questions and answers.  

Sunak is a bit out of his depth and naive in my opinion, Starmer's experience as a barrister means he is more careful with his answers - he is less prone to making gaffes. Starmer knows he doesn't need to be too specific about anything - he just needs to sound reassuring, moderate, in touch with the public and sensible- as he's in a strong position against a struggling Sunak.  

The audience member was right when he said Starmer sounded like a robot.

On Sky mix... (Mentionend above) It replaced Star Trek: Voyager... Folk desperately trying to find their way home lightyears away from reality trying to get back to and down to Earth... full of empty promesis along their way to achieve what they set out to do. 

I'm voting for the clinker... maybe the cling-on.

warren clarke

or David copperfield : I am born but quite honestly life turns out to be a predictable pantomime full of empty promises ?

o god the mods will be after me again

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Sunak Crushed In Sky Tv Debate With Starmer.

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