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That'll be the manifesto he endorsed, will it?

It's actually mentioned in the article.


At the time Sir Keir, who was then the shadow Brexit secretary, praised the manifesto saying it offered "real change" and "an ambition to meet the needs" of the country.

Well, Keir Starmer stood on the Corbyn manifesto, so what's his problem?  The man really is as thick as mince.

It's a really odd thing for SKS to say given  how he has tried so hard to distance himself from COB.

Still, leaopards dont change their spots do they?

But he aint a leopard. Corbyn was a big factor in Labour losing the last GE. Starmer and virtually everyone else knows that. 

starmer did not simply praise corbyn's manifesto. he was at the meeting where it was made labour policy. he really is a loathesome hypocrite. he lied his way to the top of labour, has purged many of the people who got him there, and now pretends he was never on their side. if you admire anything at all about keir starmer you need to have a very good think about whether he'll still be on your side in a year's time. 

the thing is that he knows full well the UK media will not pull him up on it because if they would then he wouldn't say it. why are our journalists so bad at their jobs? 


To use another loathsome turd's phrase, two sides of the same ***.


I see I can be called names but if I don it the answer is removed.

I do wonder why I stay on this site sometimes.  Perhaps time for a rest.

i think drmorgans was insulting george galloway not you


Correct. Apologies for any misunderstanding.


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