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Spungle | 13:10 Wed 29th May 2024 | News
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Abbott says she's been 'banned from standing for Labour".  Starmer says 'not true' that Abbott barred from standing for Labour.

Is it Starmer or Abbott?  



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who cares, except the people in  her constituency

Apparently we will have an answer on Tuedsay.

Quite why it takes that long, I have no idea.

Spungle - I'm not sure either Ms Abbott or Sir Keir is 'lying'.

To tell a lie, you have to know that what you are saying is untrue.

If you are giving information that you believe to be true, and it is since established that it was not true, that does not make you a liar.

Maybe neither, maybe it'sa misunderstanding. Maybe she isn't officially banned but no constituency party has a vacancy for some reason.

O-G - // Maybe neither, maybe it'sa misunderstanding. //

I think so, but it does more harm to Sir Keir and his campaign that it does to Ms Abbott, whose political career appears to be coming to an end.

People on here need to learn what a porky actually is. Neither of them are lying.

How do you know, TTT?

JD - Clearly TTT doesn't know, none of us do.

But we are all experienced at a good guess.

Perhaps a suggestion, rather than a statement from TTT would have worked better.

It's starmer

-- answer removed --

let's say she isn't "banned" just "not selected". Linguists can quibble over how many distinctions can dance on the head of the pin.

They're both politicians, of a sort, it comes with the territory 

Considering their past track records I would think it likely that they are both lying. 

They can't both be right.  I'm guessing quite apart from the other cards she loves to play all the time she is now playing the victim card.

Abbott wants to remain an MP. 
Her local Labour party want her as their MP.
Starmer will not allow her local Labour party to select her. 

She is effectively banned from being a Labour MP. 
The constituency is pro Labour and pro Abbott.  
If Abbott is forced to stand against an official Labour candidate, then the constituents will have to make a choice.

It is a risky strategy in an election which might result in an hung parliament or low majority. Abbott and Corbyn could be more problematic for Labour if they are indepedents p*ssing into the tent.

I dislike Diane Abbott and her brand of politics intensely but she has held that seat for Labour for almost 40 years.  This is an undeserved slap in the face for her from a man pretending to be something he isn't and  one who clearly cannot be trusted.  God help this country if he ever becomes Prime Minister.  It would serve him and Labour right if she stood as an independent and won.  I hope that's exactly what she'll do.

I don't see a problem with her standing as a Labour candidate. I think she was correct in what she said originally but I'm guessing she wished she'd said it differently.

I feel very sorry for her, and I have no fondness for her or Labour whatsoever.  She seemed visibly distressed when speaking the other day. Starmer should be ashamed of himself, treating her so badly after nearly 40 years service.  He should point blank tell her if she can stand or not. 

I hope she stands as an independent as I think Starmer underestimates the amount of support she has. I'd put money on her to win.

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