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Old Gits V The Saucepans?

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ToraToraTora | 10:52 Tue 28th May 2024 | News
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What with the national service idea and this it looks like the PM is going after the grey vote. Presumably on the basis that oldies are much more likely to get off their April and go and vote.



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I've just read a post from Secret Headteacher @secretHT1#


"Instead  of National Service for 18 year olds they should introduce National Service for MPs.

They all have to do several weeks volunteering in a school, hospital, care home, with social care or the police within their  first 12 months in office."

I won't be holding my breath. 

Your use of Cockney Rhyming Slang TTT is OK when saying something like 'Apples and Pears' meaning stairs, but I've no idea what a 'Saucepan' is - oh wait a minute, saucepan lids = kids ... yes?

As for 'Aprils', obviously it means ass or *** from the context of the sentence, but how do you arrive at that? I turned to Reddit, whereI found the answer!

'It's quite a complicated one to get from 'April' to '***' It goes like this. April in Paris=Aris. Aris is short for Aristotle=Bottle. Bottle and glass=***'.

Phew! How are us poor creatures, not born within the sound of Bow Bells supposed to work that one out?

I trust you were born within the sound of Bow Bells TTT, and not a psuedo Cockney?


TTT please note, I did not put in the asterisks on my previus posting.

I didn't realise AB was so easily offended!

The cynical amongst us would suggest that the date of July 4 was picked because many of them will be off on their foriegn trips to Vietnam etc.  Walking of course!

As I stated on another thread, Sunak is now in Corbyn territory - not a hope in hell of election, so it doesn't matter how barmy my 'policies' are, I'm never going to have to implement them.

So let's see who can wind up the public most in the few weeks we have left.

labour are according to yougov the most supported party in every age group under the age of 70 so it isn't even a question of young v old anymore...

i think the national service idea was intended not just to win "grey" votes but to win "grey and very right wing" votes that are currently drifting to reform... on its own terms i have to say the policy is not a bad idea in my view but it was rushed out and is clearly a sign of desperation

beats me why he's dishing out money to the only demographic that will already vote Tory. He can't even buy votes properly.

Having been asked "Why do you hate pensioners?" recently after the lst budget, perhaps he's realised their vote is not a given.

Isn't "saucepan lid" anti-Semitic slang?

I thought better of you, 3T

youngmafbog - I'm cynical as to why this date was chosen too. Scottish schools are on holiday so there is a strong liklihood that many will be away on holiday. Trying to make sure they apply for a postal vote before they jet off.

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Old Gits V The Saucepans?

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