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Has Sir Beer Changed Labour?

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ToraToraTora | 10:49 Tue 28th May 2024 | News
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Still a lot of anti semites and reds under the bed as far as I can see. Sure they are keeping schtumm for now but after the election expect a lot of noise whether they win or not.



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Given that as far as you can see is the end of your nose not much to worry about.

Proceed with your whataboutery, starting now, x

There's absolutely nothing in the article specifying how exactly Starmer has changed Labour.  I wonder why?

Well the Tories have definitely changed in the last 14 years. They're useless now.

Keir doesn't have the foggiest what's changed in the Labour Party, so how does he expect voters to know?

//Well the Tories have definitely changed in the last 14 years. //

Well there is classic whataboutery (even if it is correct).


As for SKS, I have been trying to understand what their policies really are.  But it all just seems a couple of vague statements, I really think SKS is just trying to keep his head down and let the TINO's loose it.  Probably a wise move so long as he can keep the GOAS quiet.

About the only policy that KS will commit to is his smal-minded nasty punishment of parents who send their children to private school.

He fails to appreciate that parents who can no longer fund their children's education will be forced to send them to a state school.

Added in all the parents who will have no choice, because their school will close under the weight of unaffordable fee increase, and they will have to put their children in state schools.

And hey presto, a state system that is rapidly buckling under the weight of under-investment, and the compulsory acceptance of thousands of children of illegal immigrants, will promptly shut down completely.

Well done Labour, your 'socialist' spite has really shafted the enetire country.

Douglas @ 10.52 .C'mon TTT  you have just got to give Douglas Best answer for that one.

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Has Sir Beer Changed Labour?

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