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So What Do Our Resident Bocialivts Think?

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DTCwordfan | 19:14 Sat 18th May 2024 | News
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Farage: Starmer is just 'Blair without the flair'....

The DT today - that NF has been claiming that the 'beloved' Labour leader has been aping the former PM 'in absolutely every way'. 

Evidence - the 'Pledge Card' - one more than in TB's.

2. The 'open shirt, I am the common man' image - but he's 'TB without the flair' - the beloved hopeful living in a charisma-free zone.

3. Keir's claim of 'Changed Labour' - read TB's 'New Labour', the pledges as to actions almost identical.

Yawn, Sir K, - what do you think out there, particularly our neo-Bevanites, Trotskyists, Foot&Corbynists etc.....




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it's a pity that I can't group three answers together for a BA, the last three!

what is a "bocialivts"? 

I think even Labour know they cannot win as real Labour so it is necessary to become the Tories. Of the 124 years of the existence of the Labour party, real Labour have been in power for less than 30 of them. The UK mostly chooses the Tories and occasionally Labour when the urge for "change" comes upon them, they quickly revert to the tories when Labour get it to remind them why they mostly choose the tories. In order to get into no 10 it makes sense for any Labour leader to emulate the Tories.

Bocialivts - I think is Socialists - 'B' is nowhere near 'S' - but the others are plausible mis-hits

I am a Bocialivt - sort of eastern and mysterious and kinky

A bit like the roads in East Anglia then, Peter.

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So What Do Our Resident Bocialivts Think?

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