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If Keir Starner Was Ousted After Winning The Election.

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dave50 | 12:20 Sat 18th May 2024 | News
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If the left get rid of him and install their own hard left leader. How would the electorate react?



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nowt they can do.

How exactly would "the left" do that then?

In reality the reds under the bed do have a big chunk of Labour but they'd struggle to overthrow the leadership. Especially if he's delivered a majority. The new MPs will be mostly Starmerites so that would make it harder. It's rare for a leader to be dumped if they won the preceeding election, last time that happened was 34 years ago.

I thought changing party leaders every ten minutes was more of a Tory trait.

"last time that happened was 34 years ago"

That was 3 years after the election tho. Of course elected PMs have stood down several times since, after being more or less forced to.

I think the OP tho is suggesting that somehow this would happen immediately after an election, but as long as they don't do what they did last time, even if there was to be a contest for whatever reason - namley allow someone like Corbyn in the back door because essentially they felt sorry for him, then this remains the stuff of out and out fantasy.

Mozz 12.40 For Best Answer.

"It's rare for a leader to be dumped if they won the preceeding election, last time that happened was 34 years ago."

But there wasn't a GE in 1990, Tora.

I know, TGL won the 1987 election 1990 is after that. She was dumped when the gutless wets knifed her. May their nads fester with the pain of a thousand Russell's Viper bites.

Not a party leader but  I seem to remember they did it after the GLC election, dumping the man who won for Ken Livingstone... 

ahh but cowards laugh and traitors sneer !

Thats right, rowanwitch. Andrew Mckintosh was ousted after winning the GLC election.


That was the GLC in 1981 🤨

Now I feel really old... But it caused a bit of bad feeling at the time,  a lot of centre left voters were angry, 

Only MPs can oust him, and there won't be any hard left MPs.

The only leadership change after the election will be in the blue corner.

//Only MPs can oust him//

Not true.

//Labour members and supporters pick the leader based on a one-member, one-vote system. It means that all members, affiliated supporters and registered supporters — from the shadow cabinet to the registered supporters — have a vote of equal value.//

"Not true."

I'm afraid it is, dave:

"Labour MPs cannot formally hold a vote of confidence in the leader. However, they may initiate a leadership challenge each year prior to the annual session of Party conference. 
An MP wishing to challenge an incumbent leader must be supported by 20% of Labour MPs. If enough support is gathered to initiate a stage two membership ballot, the incumbent leader is automatically on the ballot 
paper, and they do not need to seek nominations from MPs."

The process you describe is of the ballot held if a successful leadership challege occurs.

Haven't the Tories done exactly that, installed hard right leaders, Truss and Sunak. We have just had to put up with it

They tried installing that old commie chap a couple of times.  That didn't end too well did it?

well since it is the electorate.... they cdnt do anything.

and this has happened before - Elizabeth II was told, c Mac ( SuperMac) and Alec Douglas Home 1962

"here is your new prime minister: the att-gen and other law officers say we can do that "

and SHE paid for and took private advice from Sir Ivor Jennings, prof of con law at Cge., on whether this was pukka

( yes reader she asked her own lawyer whether advice given by her own law officers was er lawful) - shades of Mike Pence, readers

and was told they probably could. - (" the nominee probably has a majority in the House of Commons so cd form a ministry).

so in answer to the q - the electorate cd do nothhing


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If Keir Starner Was Ousted After Winning The Election.

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