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Spears Taken By Captain Cook At Botany Bay Returned To Traditional Owners...

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naomi24 | 10:59 Wed 24th Apr 2024 | News
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....after more than 250 years.  //Michael Ingrey, a Dharawal man of the La Perouse Aboriginal community, said the spears’ return was “a long time coming”....

Sally Davies, the head of Trinity College, said it was the right decision to return the spears.

“[We’re] committed to reviewing the complex legacies of the British empire, not least in our collections,” she said.//,after%20more%20than%20250%20years.


One of the 'complex' legacies of the British Empire is clearly that it preserved some elements of history and culture for posterity.  I do hope the new owners said thank you.



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erm i doubt it.

Ludicous, they are not the owners anyway, they are long dead.

And you can bet your bottom dollar if Cook didnt have them they would have been lost along the way.

Question Author

My thoughts exactly, ymb.  I wonder just how many artifacts have been saved from destruction by the British Empire?

12:55, yep bang on, same as the Elgin Marbles.

There was an item on the news where the recipients were grateful for the return of these fishing-spears and agreed that had they been left in the possession of the original owners they would have been lost by now.

Seems like a public-relations win all round.

First world problems.

More nonsense from the woke.

One onlooker, stuck at the back of the assembled said "I don't see the point".

how long after you've stolen something do you become its owner?

a 'wela'lin', you must be joking......

I would be happy for everything our ancestors looted to be sent back.

Let's start with the Parthenon marbles.

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Spears Taken By Captain Cook At Botany Bay Returned To Traditional Owners...

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