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Horses Galloping Though Central London

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drmorgans | 10:23 Wed 24th Apr 2024 | News
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One nearly collided with a cyclist, the other brushed a taxi. One person injured, not seriously I hope. The white horse was covered in blood.





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The 16:15 at Ascot got right out of hand.

Flipping heck.  They ran a long way!

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Probably got the train to Waterloo


That's shocking. I hope none of the horses or people get injured. 

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Reading the latest reports, it seems a rider was thrown from one of the horses and injured


I wonder what startled the horses; they are trained to ignore noises etc.

More like appleby horse fair.

I was just reading about this. One horse was covered in blood, a bus was damaged, and a car crashed...whether that was the cause or not wasn't yet known. Very upsetting to read.

Something must've geed them up

Spooked by noisy building work apparently 

Frightening for all involved, I'm sure & I hope all those in hospital & the horses aren't injured too badly.

Apparently builders moving concrete and rubble spooked the 6 horses,and unseated riders

Why on earth in this day and age do they need to have horses in London?  Poor animals, that blood looked arterial bright red, they will never be the same again and will not be traffic proof and no good for the job. 

I found it all very distressing. They are magnificent horses and to see them in that state was awful.

Yes me too that poor grey  horse I hope it's ok

They are some of the ceremonial horses and were rehearsing for Trooping the Colour. Apparently some concrete blocks were dropped on a building site. The riders were in training and possibly not experienced. Hopefully the horses will have some time of out of London to recover

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Horses Galloping Though Central London

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