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He Might Not Have Done It? Right Oh!

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ToraToraTora | 09:04 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | News
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He was already on bail for assault and threatening to kill her! Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs. I hope the apologists are having a little iternal review.

Why was he on bail? Why wasn't the scum in the slammer? I think we know, once again someone dies because we are petrified of offending muslims. Madness.



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1. A man was captured, on a variety of CCTV films, stabbing to death a woman who was pushing a baby in a pushchair.2. The suspect was named, his photograph was published but his relationship to the victim was not given.3. The suspect was shown, in footage he filmed himself, assembling a baby's crib. He was confirmed as originally hailing from Bangladesh and as...
13:55 Wed 10th Apr 2024

Magistrate naiveté - again. 

It's OK - the cops have referred themselves to the IOPC.

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not naivety canary fear of being accused of Islamophobia. If it was you or I our feet wouldn't touch, we'd be in the slammer. 

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TBF this ain't plod it's the beaks that failed to lock him up.

What's this white privilege we keep hearing about. Again Yorkshire Police are too scared to put forward sufficient grounds to oppose bail and we get a murder. They didn't learn lessons from Rochdale.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

If all those charged after domestic incidents were remanded in custody we'd need a lot more prisons.

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"Hindsight is a wonderful thing." - have a day off sandy, I know you are a devotee of these people but think it through:

1. He threatened to kill her

2. He assualted her

3. He's a muslim

4. You or I would be locked up.

It doesn't get any more predictable than that.

retrocop would probably be better placed than most of us here to know how many men charged with domestic violence are demanded in custody.

I'd guess not many.

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it's the threats too me old china.

Question Author

sandy retro commented above. It seems that plod could have made more of a attempt to persuade the beak not to let him out on bail.

Remanded, not demanded.  ^^^

Threats to kill are not simply domestic violence.  He's given the benefit of the doubt - and she's now dead.

A Threat to Kill is a hell of alot more serious than your average domestic violence as abhorrent as it can be in some cases.

My experience of domestic violence was confined to Paddy spending his weeks wages on a Friday night in the boozer and then knocking his wife about when she asked for the housekeeping. Usually the wife,at the time,would want to press charges and after the arrest for assault was made  she would come running into the nick later and retract her statement and tell  us what a wonderful god fearing man he was. That was why police avoided domestics like the plague years ago but we didn't have cultures ,then,who lived with a knife in their trouser belt

A 'community' closes ranks, again.

Dated 20.1 24

"last year saw Nigel Malt, 45, convicted of the murder of his 19-year-old daughter Lauren – an attack carried out while on bail for having assaulted his wife."

Had he been released on bail because he is a Muslim?

"Almost 300 people were killed or raped in the past five years by a criminal who could have been behind bars."

Were all those perpetrators, Muslims?

"MoJ figures show there were 122 killings, 168 rapes, 374 sex offences against children and 6,321 burglaries carried out by people who had been granted bail since 2018."

Is it only Muslims who go on to commit serious offences whilst out on bail?

I doubt it.

Corby, you're making excuses.  He threatened to murder her.

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09:56, standard stuff from the apologists Naomi. No one said only muslims commit offences on bail just that that is a factor which makes ot more likely because they are MAABOF.

Just heard on LBC that the suspect has been arrested. Lets, hope, this time he is kept in custody.

TTT - As usual, your blind hatred of Muslims is blinding you to simple realities.

This man has not been confirmed as a Muslim, or convinced of murder,  but your mindless prejudice has him convicted and ready for death.

He was not released from custody because he is a (unconfirmed) Muslim, he was released because the law does not imprison people for what they might do, hindsight notwithstanding. 

Your knee jerk reaction to a hint of Islamic connection blinds you to facts, law, and logic.

Anyone who attempts to point these things out, you brand as a 'sympathiser'.

It makes debating with you difficult, and at times impossible. 

You are not stupid, and your prejudices are irrational. 

Something to think about?

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He Might Not Have Done It? Right Oh!

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