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Labour Vows To Fund Nhs Pledges By Tackling Tax Dodgers

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naomi24 | 09:54 Tue 09th Apr 2024 | News
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'Ave a day off, love.

Yep Shazza will be first to lob hers into the pot! PMSL!

Question Author

Too uncomfortable for you, douglas?

We already have Tora for this stuff, your forté is the put-down.

Play to your strengths.

lol, £48,000, even if that were true  (but hey, she's Labour so it must be true), that'll keep one consultant going for about six months.

It's the likes of Amazon they need to go after.

The NHS needs reformation, just throwing money at it is a waste. It needs root and branch reform and it'll take more than one parliament to do it. Thus it wont get done. The only worthwhile thing Labour ever did and if Labour do fix it, then great but I'm not holding out much hope of that.

I think dougy sees himself like a football manager and has determined all our positions.

Question Author

Douglas, I'll post whatever it suits me to post.  If you don’t like that, rather than continually criticising as you do, make the effort to post something that will relieve you of your moaning.  You never know, it might just cheer you up - and that would benefit us all.

douglas continually criticises? Lol. His posts make me laugh, which is more than, er, some others do.

Question Author

That doesn't surprise me.

Gesture, envy, politics of the very lowest form. Shoehorning 2 left wing emo triggers into 1 flag waving exersise is straight out of the psychological nudge teams operation manual. Meehh.  

Good girl, see what you can do when you play to your strengths?

Tora, you'll be on the bench for a while.

Question Author

Douglas, this is the news section - not a stage for your second rate performances.  Either contribute to the thread sensibly or go away.

-- answer removed --

I think every party at every general election has promised something similar. It's the magic money tree that never bears fruit.

10:37 come on boss not the hair dryer!

-- answer removed --

//22 JANUARY 2013

The number of prosecutions brought for tax evasion and "dishonest" avoidance will increase fivefold over the next four years, the Director of Public Prosecutions has pledged.

Ahead of a speech today, Keir Starmer said the economic climate meant it was more important than ever to tackle tax dodgers.

Mr Starmer said a merger of the fraud team at the Crown Prosecution Service and HM Revenue and Customs' prosecutions office meant he now had a bigger team to deal with such cases.//

Err how did that go then? He couldn't even spot the odious crook Mandleson who was right there under his nose. It is a trait that is now being repeated with the equally bent Rayner. Too busy searching for stray cake perhaps. 

Scottish plod had 8,000 reports of hate speech in a week recently. It is easy to believe. Can we report it, to the frying squad up there, from outside Scotland? 

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Labour Vows To Fund Nhs Pledges By Tackling Tax Dodgers

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