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The dog didnt walk, it was taken and then let loose.

we took in a stray glued to a school yard, who turned out to be.....waiting for her little mistress who was a 6 y old there.(*)

the dogs walk in  circles trying to pick up scent and about 80 miles is the limit - and they get pretty thin

(*) I said God the children dont wee on the mat  as they go in do they?

Microchips are essential for pets.  None of my three cats went outside except for trips to the vet.  But all three were microchipped just in case they escaped from their carrier.


Ahhh, how nice.  Not quite the distance but in the days before microchipping my neighbour moved 200 miles away.  Two years later her cat, poorly, very bedraggled but still wearing his identification tag on his collar, turned up at my house.  I think he must have escaped soon after arriving at his new home but since I had no address for his owner, he lived out the rest of his days in pampered comfort with us.  How he found his way back remains a mystery.

Cats are known for hitchhiking in vans. Door opens, cat jumps in and goes for a ride.

Or, like a report on a local rescue fb birth. This was actually under the hood of a camper van 😉

I think this could be one of those Joe Lycett stories


there was a bit on the national tv news which I missed. Did they cover the unlikelihood that the dog walked?

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