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Credit Where It's Due....

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ToraToraTora | 18:15 Sun 24th Mar 2024 | News
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Well done France now we should be doing the same. Force them back, it's the only way. Lets stop pussyfooting about.



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I (gulp) agree with Tora. 😮

You know it makes sense.

They probably were saving them from a disaster as reported.  It would be nice to think that countries are finally waking-up to the fact that this is a slow-motion invasion; but I don't think so.  Otherwise they wouldn't have tried to stop them from leaving France. At least the gendarmes are earning the money the UK pays  them, which is a plus.

P.S. I still have a woolly brain from anaesthetic etc., but  I think I've got the gist of it.  :)

Sorry, is there a recent reason the French authorities need to appear efficient and doing their job for a change, that I've missed ?

why not machine-gun them? - no ! no ! that is a serious  suggestion to stimulate discussion of an otherwise dead subject

O_G  I think we are about to offer them even more cash.

I can see absolutely no way that France should be preventing people from leaving the country.  It seems to me to be in breach of international law. 

We used to criticise the USSR, and other Soviet Bloc countries, for preventing people from leaving those countries.  So surely we should be condemning the French for acting in a similar way?

Unless there's a valid reason for keeping a particular person in any country (e.g. because they're wanted for committing a serious crime), they should always be free to leave it in whatever way they choose to employ.

"I can see absolutely no way that France should be preventing people from leaving the country.  It seems to me to be in breach of international law."

That might be so if they were hopping on the P&O ferry from Calais to Dover, Chris. But they are not. They are putting to sea in one of the world's busiest shipping lanes in totally unsuitable, overloaded craft.

The maritime agency in France has a duty to prevent people - especially fare paying passengers - from being imperiled in such a manner. 

I've asked this before on here, but I'll ask it again: where do the enablers get the boats (and all those life jackets) from? It's not as if they're pedalo-sized - they're substantial rigid inflatables.

It can't be beyond the wit of man to stop them getting hold of the boats, then nobody  would be making it across

Buenchico - if preventing someone leaving France or any other country is illegal are you saying an airline or cross Channel ferry shouldn't turn away  passengers without ID / passports? 

That's a a very good question, NMA.

I don't think that's about the leaving - it's about gaining entry to the destination country. If the passenger isn't allowed in the carrier has to take them back.

That's an idea dave. Turn the dingy around and get the ones paddling to take them all back to France.

If France really did work with us to stop this they too wouldnt have the issue at Calias etc.

However the French have been correct in the past when they say stop treating thm to every benfit under the sun.

First step leave the ECHR, then stop legal aid funding bottom dwelling briefs.

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Credit Where It's Due....

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