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In The Interests Of Balance........

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ToraToraTora | 11:28 Thu 15th Feb 2024 | News
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It seems we also have some anti semites.



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There was no flip flopping no prevaricating or putting up a feeble defence for his actions/words. No messing,unlike Starmer, this disgrace was given his marching orders toot sweet. 

You'd think that deciding that a moron like this is not fit for public office - incumbent or potential  - would not be a difficult decision wouldn't you?

And for anyone with a brain and a conscience, it isn't. 

What does that say about Keir Starmer. 

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TBF I think it's a lot easier for the Tories, this sort of thing is rare and the reaction is instinctive and rapid. For Labour they probably had to agonise over it a lot more because there is an anti semitic wing of the party that is largely keeping schtum in the hope that the electorate are so overcome with desire for change that they vote a load of extremist loonies in as long as they initially don't realise they are extremist loonies.

There was always a good chance that he's anti-semitic.  They should have asked him before allowing him to represent them.

Why are they prejudging the findings of the investigation?

NAOMI, "There was always a good chance that he's anti-semitic"

What is that based on?

He's Muslim - and before you throw your hands up in horror do a bit of research.

It's a generalization based solely on the fact he is a Muslim, then?

Muslims and Jews are not generally the best of friends ... but I'm sure you know that, Corby.

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TTT, I wouldn't say 'all', but I think it's fair to say that there's generally no love lost.

There is a big difference between not being, "the best of friends" and being anti-semitic but I'm sure you know that.

I would like to know what he actually said.... people have a habit of saying things are anti-semitic when they are not

But he's been expelled for it, Corby, so we know he is anti-semitic.  

"It's a generalization based solely on the fact he is a Muslim, then?"


we have no idea what he said. i would wait to find out (if we ever do) to see before calling him an anti-semite... that term has proven to be quite erm "flexible" in recent years

untitled, //The party said it would expel the councillor following an investigation.//


They've investigated and he has been expelled.

means nothing naomi. he's just a councillor, could well have expelled him just to look tough and contrast with labour.

NAOMI, that is after an investigation.

You claimed there was a good chance he was anti-semitic and should have been asked if he was, prior to his selection.

If you believe he should have been asked, that must surely apply to all Muslim potential candidates.

How is that not based upon a bigoted belief?

Would you expect all Jewish candidates to be asked if they hated Muslims?

Untitled, another of your flights of fancy and not worth thinking about.


There's some wonky reasoning there, Corby.  This current flurry of anti-semitism is, in my opinion, occurring because of the situation in Gaza but that many Muslims are anti-semitic is not a revelation.  If you're still in doubt, as I said, do some research.

NAOMI, do you believe all party candidates who are Muslims should be asked if they are anti-Semitic?

Should all Jewish potential candidates be asked if they hate Muslims?

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In The Interests Of Balance........

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