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Is the government exploiting "Global Warming" etc?

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Loosehead | 14:12 Thu 06th Sep 2007 | News
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Below is an excerpt from Littlejohn's column, is the government using Global warming to coin it in? "As part of its "climate change" brainwashing programme, the Government is hiring a private cinema to show Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth to 500 senior civil servants. In the interests of balance, they should also be shown Martin Durkin's The Great Global Warming Swindle, which went out on Channel 4 earlier this year. But when it is revealed that the Government is raising �29 billion a year in "green" taxes - which is the whole purpose of the "climate change" scam - you know that will only happen when Hull freezes over.


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Would that really be in the interests of balance though?

If they showed a documentary on 9/11 would they then be obliged to show 'Loose Change', the laughable conspiracy film?

Or does it just apply to Channel 4 shows?
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Perhaps a better reason for not showing Durkin's programme is that Durkin's programme has been criticised for it's major innacuracies (a graph with a bogus axis for time), outright innaccuracies (such as the programme's major contention of the link between solar activity and global temperature), apparently deliberate falsification of data, selective use of interviews to misrepresent the views of interviewees such Carl Wunsch who originally appeared in the thing called it "grossly distorted" and "as close to pure propaganda as anything since World War Two."

Of the few legitimate arguments put forward, most of it has already been comprehensively debunked.

I'm all for skepticism. Durkin most certainly is not it, and nor, obviously, is the pantomime villain from the Daily Mail.
Well yes, isn't the rise in fuel duties and the dreaded road charge by the mile blamed on it?
Talking of inaccuracies didn't some scientists claim that Al Gore's graph of global warming preceded that of any carbon emissions?
That's not an inaccuracy, it's just the fact that the temperature curve precedes the CO2 one which isn't what you might expect but it's the way it is - there are a number of websites explaining it.

Irrespective of the argument about whether man-made global warming is 'real' or not, the answer is yes - the government is using it to raise extra revenue.
They're treating it more as a convienient truth than an inconvienient one.

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Is the government exploiting "Global Warming" etc?

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