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Labour Leader Votes S N P ......

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ToraToraTora | 10:44 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | News
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//Kezia Dugdale told a new BBC documentary she was "so mad about Brexit" she backed the party at the European Parliament election in 2019.// - the SNP were the largest supporters of brexit in Scotland! Bit of an oggy there sweety!



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It's what happens when not thinking clearly and getting in a funk because of it.

Is ToraToraTora an AI  bot? 
A real person would not write the nonsense that they post.

The SNP were NOT the largest supporters of Brexit in Scotland.

Question Author

They are Mr Reacher. Of all the parties in Scotland those who contributed the most votes to brexit were SNP me old china.

Contrary to what YNNAFYMMI repeatedly claims when she blames Brexit on those SNP voters, their votes made not the slightest difference to the outcome.

SNP VOTERS may have voted in numbers for Brexit but was it their party policy?

It wasn't the SNP's policy but facts like that seem only to confuse certain folk.

Question Author

Dave, it is fact that the most brexit voters in Scotland came from SNP voters. I am making no further derivations. That simple fact seems to move people to try and obfuscate.

Leader in name only and not missed in the slightest.

Scotland voted by 62% to remain.

// The Scottish National Party the party has supported membership of the European Union since the adoption of the Independence in Europe policy during the 1980s. Consequentially, the SNP supported remaining within the EU during the 2016 referendum where every Scottish council area backed this position. Consequently, the party opposed Brexit and sought a further referendum on the withdrawal agreement, ultimately unsuccessfully. //

To portray them as supporting Brexit is a whopping big lie.

Question Author

Nope, not a big lie, true statistic. Of all the brexit votes in Scotland the party with the highest number of tem was the SNP, that is undeniable. I draw no further evaluation, derivation or assumption.

she's entitled to make a protest vote, just as you are.

I suspect of the 62% of people in Scotland who voted remain, the majority of those would have been people who normally lend their votes to the SNP. 
2.6 Million Scots voted in the referendum in 2016. The SNP had 1.5 Million voters in the GE in the previous year. So it should not be a surprise to anyone that their supporters made up the majority of voters for and against Brexit.

@10.57.I never claimed that they made any difference to the result,TCL,i just stated that the SNP voters were the majority voters for Brexit up here in Scotland.

@15.38.The SNP leadership was against Brexit,a big percentage of their voters voted otherwise.The Tory leadership(Cameron et al)were against Brexit,a big percentage of their voters decided otherwise.*** nationalists,eh?

//the SNP were the largest supporters of brexit in Scotland! //

They were also the largest supporters of Remain.

Not surprising really as they are the biggest party.

Tells us nothing

"They were also the largest supporters of Remain".Not percentage-wise nma.Percentage-wise they were the biggest Brexiteers.Back to you.

@10.22.Percentage-wise,the SNP and their voters were the main Brexiteers up here in Scotland,Gromit.

YNNAFYMMI, "@10.57.I never claimed that they made any difference to the result"

Yes you have.

Only yesterday you posted, "Brexit was caused by English Tories,and to my dismay,Scottish SNPers."

SNP voters cannot have caused Brexit and at the same time, not made a difference to the result, can they?



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Labour Leader Votes S N P ......

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