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Would You Pay For The Daily Mail?

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youngmafbog | 10:28 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | News
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Perhaps not News but News related. Just been on there to get a link and noticed they have something called mail+ that you have to pay for.

Now the DM is useful for giving links that everyone can read (note Gulliver) but the standard of journalism (if you can call it that) is appauling. Who would pay for that?

No link, just go on their site and you can see it.



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I've stopped paying for any form of news generally.

Stopped buying newspapers over a year ago when i realised how much per year i was spending on them - over £500!

FYI, i was buying both the Express and the Mirror on a daily basis - both sides of the coin, so to speak.

I often read the Mail on line, but I certainly won't be paying a subscription. They surely get enough from their adverts.

I would not pay for it and annoyingly my local rag is doing the same, putting many stories and articles behind a paywall.

Maybe the use of adblockers is the cause, loss of advertising revenue.  I will disable my adblocker to read content when necessary but won't pay for it.

Sit in a Waitrose cafe with a cuppa and you can read every paper for free if you care to competely depress yourself. :0)

For its failings, if you need that kind of news access, the online version works out much cheaper than the paper version. I used to read the mail but the decline in offers/competitions/puzzles was significant so I dumped it.

The only reason I get to read the DM is because my women likes it: but it does have the occasional interesting article, and the puzzle page has a few favourites. Doubt I'd be interested in paying for extra though. News presently seems freely available on the Web, but for how long, who knows ?


I discovered Mail+ yesterday when I wanted to read an article and discovered they were teasing me with just the first paragraph. 

Gone are the days of the independent newsagent who got up at 5am to greet the delivery van with piles of papers, and the paperboys waiting for their bags to be filled.


It is a shame although not entirely unexpected that the DM would monetise its' position as the go-to newspaper website.


I have it online but won't pay! I just like to argue with the commentors!

Noticed today a pay to read article was How often do other people have sex!   Errr??

They still have the odd good joke. There was a picture of a couple standing on their front door step, coming up the path was a tortoise with a letter in its mouth. 

"Royal Mail are improving delivery times" :0)))

I buy the Mail only on Wednesdays for the money pages (the puzzle pages are quite good & Hardcastle has some interesting titbits).

I sometimes buy the i  on Friday or Saturday

I stopped buying the Sunday Express when they cut the xword prizes.


I agree completely with you.

My trips to my local Waitrose, are made even more enjoyable by a free coffee and newspaper.

So civilised!


The Daily Mail newspaper costs £34.40 per month.

A subscription to the print edition costs £13 per month.

The Digital edition cost £4.99 per month.

Guess what: I went into my local shop expecting to lift a free copy of the Times and ... they made me pay for it! Whatever next!



They would have to pay me £34.40 per month for the paper, or £13 per month for the subscription or £4.99 per month.


I wouldnt pay for the Daily Mail as I choose to pay for something else. And I'd probably be disinclined even to visit their website for free. In principle though why should people expect to get free online what they wouldn't get for nothing anywhere  else 

Have the people who've stopped  buying newspapers stopped reading the news? 

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