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Labour Continue To Press The Self Destruct Button.

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webbo3 | 18:09 Tue 06th Apr 2021 | News
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\\The comments, made by Labour Party members in Warrington, Cheshire, contradict leader Sir Keir Starmer's new strategy to use the flag to push patriotism and win back 'red wall' voters.//

At least Capt Hindsight is trying to gather some votes.


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Carry on.
A bit of a non story.
I think the Union Jack is a great flag, but see no reason to fly it everyday. Over use will lessen its impact.
The Warrington would be Councillors are entitled to their opinion, and imposing patriotism is something a scoundrel does.
// Personally I don't agree with it, many use the flag to push non-inclusive agendas.'

'another move from the Fascist playbook'.

Next step: teaching the national anthem in schools and the singing of it each morning at the raising of the flag..'

'It's chilling. There's nothing at all wrong about being proud of your nationality but this all feels pretty creepy and I must say as the mum of a biracial family it makes me feel very nervous indeed.'

The problem is we're going along with this narrative. Have you noticed Kier Starmer's announcements now have the union flag in the background?' //

While I don’t agree with these comments, none of them are shocking, appalling or anti British. Just fair comment about a stupid diktat from the Government.

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Labour Continue To Press The Self Destruct Button.

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