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Is Nothing Else Happening In The World?

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lankeela | 13:41 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | News
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I keep dipping into BBC News online to find out the latest headlines on important stories from the UK and around the world.  Every time this morning all they are talking about is the naming of the two killers of Brianna.  Is there nothing else happening in the world?  We now know their names, not that it makes any difference to the outcome so why does there seem to be a news blackout of Gaza, Ukraine, UK finances, Northern Ireland etc. in favour of repeated reporting of this murder.



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Eggzactly - dear lady - Northern Oirish sea barrier got 20 mins. The poor Breanna. Northern Oireland - it wd be 

Meanwhile, Biden is shaking a broom ( we'll get the arabs but we dont know when or where)

Trump is beginning to sink under the damages awarded against him, but is  still leading Rip van WInkle oops Biden

Biden has sanctioned four Jews in the occupied territories for er shooting Arabs ( why not we all do it)

Zelensky  tried to fire his top general and had to unfire him....

French farmers are revolting - kinda weird since the whole of the agriculatural policy of the EU is to maintain small holdings in France

Lankeela why don't you click along the top and pick which subject you want?  They're all there.

For some silly reason these media stations believe they are the first to report on such, or they are much more up to date with the latest report. No, they are all reporting the same all day and all night.

Probably boredom or apathy Lankeela.Putins war against the Ukrainian people has went on the back-burner,the Hamas terrorist war on the Jewish people seems to have died down,the Covid inquiries seem to have fizzled out.Apathy rul....

The naming of the two teenage murderers IS news...whereas there is probably nothing much to be said that is new on the other subjects you mention. Seems reasonable to me.

Here's a bit of good news for you ..The Tories in the UK, are facing a Canada 93 style wipe out at The GE...That was when the Tories in Canada came away with just two seats taking them from a party of a huge majority to a party having no status whatsoever. What better news can you have than that then.

News on Ukraine does appear disappointingly slow, but then it's hot really the place for the latest war updates. Widespread drone attacks on electrical infrastructure overnight; they did report the sinking of a russian naval vessel by Ukraine yesterday. Nothing as yet on the attack on Belbek (Crimea) airfield.

One nice snippet is that russia has had to cut its petroleum exports drastically, due to the ukrainian attacks on the terminals at Ust-Luga and Tuapse recently.

The head of russia's armed forces hasn't been seen for weeks: tea? window?

Ah,gulliver,the perfect optimist.You have heard of a certain Neil Kinnock havent you?Im feeling the same about the nationalists up here in Scotland.Just because we wish it to happen,it doesnt mean it will happen."The best laid plans o mice and men",seems to come to mind gulliver.

YNYFA 13.42 just heard that Starmer is going to engage Tony Blair as his special adviser,, when he gets the keys to no 10 ..

Question Author

Gulliver please try to stay on topic if you are going to comment on my post instead of regurgitating your sole topic of conversation.  (OK).  

I think that "news blackout" is a bit OTT.

14.01  I am on topic on This post is about lack of news, so I am trying to cheer you up by adding good news to this post,,OK.

@13.53.Tony Blair was charismatic and electable.Starmer is neither,sorry to say,gulliver.Same up here in Scotland and the UK as a whole.Sturgeon had a charisma about her,Johnson had a charisma about him.Charisma is what gets you into power nowadays.Starmer has none.

Gullz what you should say is

Apolz dear leddy: you were referring to a news black out on all things beside NI and Breanna - and I was referring to a New Labour wipe-out !

haw haw haw

Tony Blair was charismatic and electable

it made me go off Charisma in anyone....

which probably was a Good Thing

God knows what you are rambling on about,Peter(dont say pots and pans),but you always give me a good laugh trying to decipher your postings.

Another top Russian airforce general has been creamed by a joint UK/French made missile fired by Ukraine into a airbase in the Crimea. Collateral damage to several aircraft and ten other personell killed. A Missile carrier, pride of the Russian Black Sea fleet sent to Davy Jones by a seaborne unmanned drone. Loads of stats of heavy Russian losses and war materiele in the first two months of the year.Russia unable to fulfil its commitments for Gas supply.

Napoleon invaded Russia saying it would be an easy victory,bad choice.Hitler invaded Russia thinking it would be a six week campaign ending in an easy victory,bad choice.Putin invaded Ukraine thinking it would be a walkover,bad choice.Napoleon killed himself by licking wallpaper,Hitler killed himself(after chewing his bedside rugs)by putting a bullet through his squarehead.I wonder what Putins suicide will be?

So according to the op ..The murder of Brianna is trivial,and not worth mentioning in the news....OK.

God knows what you are rambling on about,Pete

and there was this man

and his name was Tony Blair and his wife Shree

and  he didnt like cats but I am rambling

and he was charismatic

and he did not go to Eton

and he went to Fettes

and he was a complete disaster quite quickly  in fact

and I dont vote for  anyone called 'charismatic' now

and ( but ) I did then

and it is  all down to Tony Blairs charisma

the end

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