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aww bless the snowflakes!

Question Author

This article has infuriated me.

Oh the poor little dears!

Let the concerned parents remove their kids & suffer the possible consequences of attending a school with a laxer regime. 

While i believe many of the rules most likely convern behaviour on school grounds, i don't think this teacher should be dictating what time the pupils go to bed.

Parents should be parents, not friends to their school age children.

Teachers should expect respect, not expected to be mates with the pupils.  Every school should have non-teaching staff to support pupils' personal needs in a confidential, approachable way, not expect the teachers to.

Parents should support the teachers and school.

Dotheboys Hall rules OK, welcome Wackford Squeers.

 Ofsted mucking things up as usual.

Can't find the enthusiasm to read it all, but a head teacher that thinks he can set bedtime does suggest he may be over the top. But one can't really judge without being there. The kids may be trying it on, or maybe they really do feel stressed and unable to concentrate on learning. Still, if parents wish to change school or home-school then they can give it a try.

Question Author

I appears that his issue has been rumbling on for years.

Obviously a teacher can't impose a bedtime on pupils so it's only a suggestion really. 9.30 doesn't seem unreasonable if the next day is a school day. 

Well since some schools have begun holding supervised teeth brushing sessions it seems a logical progression that the school should also tell the pupils what time to go to bed.

In fact, since many schools are now more akin to child minding establishments, I don't know why they don't go the whole hog and simply accommodate the children 24/7. This would free up the parents to pursue their "hectic and stressful" lifestyles and the schools could perhaps chuck in a bit of education if they get time between their wellness and wellbeing responsibilities.

^ And a few more PE lessons. Come what may back in the 60s you were made to take part in such at least 3 times a week, no excuses. What would parents say now if such was imposed. :) Fat kids round every corner at the moment.

Tut tut nicebloke.


You're not allowed to call fat people fat anymore - it's "body shaming".


Even if they are freak show circus fat, they mustn't be called fat - fat is a triggering word.


It's why fat women are now called "plus sized". Everybody knows they're fat, they know they're fat, but bizarrely "plus sized" is better.


Perhaps we should start calling fat people 'well upholstered' or 'people who have enjoyed Xmas' or whatever....but anything other than fat. 

Why aren't you here andy?

I am. 

Goodnight roy. 

22 pages of rules, eh?

I wonder if any of the martinets on this thread ever had that at their school? Or do they just think it's a good idea for other people's kids?

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