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Luckily not but our friends who live aboard a narrowboat are very stressed at the moment.  One narrowboat was sunk over the weekend

Yes,culvert blocked 2metres in by a wheelie bin,

Gardens ,pub and one house flooded.

Water still soaking down off fields.

Nephew bought house in Sept,new kitchen fitted 5th Dec

Now under 2feet of water from Trent

barry, surely a "boat" should float!

I cannot claim that I thought of this when I bought the house but I am fortunately on the top of a hill so it'd have to be pretty biblical for me to flood.

Like Tora we are high up, but the local town is flooded and some of the villages along the river route.

TTT - yes, you'd think a boat would be the best place to be in a flood. I think the one barry mentioned was shown on BBC news; it looks like a longboat broke its moorings and was washed down to a bridge and ended up across several arches. The force of water passing under it turned it on its side.

A Party Boat sank in the river Thames a couple of days ago. 

In answer to the OP, no, not affected at all here in North Manchester. No sign of flooding. South Manchester was more affected with the usual flood closures of golf courses like Withington, which lie just below the banks of the Mersey.

Boats do float but when a canal breaches its banks the narrowboat can be carried over weirs, pushed on to towpaths, flooded if the mooring ropes are strained.  Narrowboats are often moored on tidal rivers increasing the risk of flooding. 

On average, around 70 narrowboats sink each year. 

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10.26 so no arc for you! 

This is a very helpful site.

Luckily we here appear to be not near any flood risk,as we are too high for any problems.

bhg - longboats are what vikings sailed.  you mean narrowboats.

ifthe boats are tied up, they can be pulled over if te level rises significantly

We a re on chalk and over a vast underground glacial lake.  The springs come up regularly in Jan/Feb, but now water is worse than people who have lived here (Yorkshire Wolds) for over 50 years can remember.  The Gypsey Race (part-time stream/drain) is in full flood and the next village down has roads closed.

The paddock behind our house is usually grazed by sheep - but now has seagulls bobbing about on it.  Still got about  a foot to rise to reach the house though.  Fingers crossed.

bednobs - yes, narrowboat. I do know the difference (honestly).

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Floods !!

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