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Bernard Looney - What An Apt Surname

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DTCwordfan | 19:20 Wed 13th Dec 2023 | News
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of BP.....having missed out on over £32 million of salary, bonuses and other rewards for his pecadilloes - an understatement perhaps -  and indiscretions.

As reported on the Aunty Beeb's terrible 6 o'clock News. 

What a plonker - but are there others out there in business or politics who have paid so much for having their brains in their crotch?




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I don't know about apt, but the beautifully named Sharon White has turned Waitrose into a loss making venture in a short while with her alphabet people friendly, woke agenda. She was equally successful in the Birmingham civil service, working as a Bliar aide at No10, the Ministry of Justice, the Dept. for Work and Pensions, and the Dept for International Developement.   

read all abart it

bonking and lying..... always a bad combination

^^^ Sorry, PP.  That's hidden behind a paywall.

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thanks for the links, folk....a drilling engineer, indeed - one couldn't make it up.

DTC; Why don't you point us in the right direction ?

I don't think he's going to starve 

I wonder what the back-story is...   like those who he dallied with - did they have meteroric rises thro the company?

like - how did you get from office girl to deputy CEO ?

answer : I think to think I put my back into the task....

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Bernard Looney - What An Apt Surname

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