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Stephen Fry Broken Bones

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Maydup | 18:56 Sun 10th Dec 2023 | News
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Stephen Fry is recovering after falling from a stage onto concrete breaking his leg and pelvis. Ouch - very negligent if the venue to leave him with that risk.



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sounds like workplace negligence on their part, doesn't it, leaving a six-foot drop without a guardrail.

I have yet to see a stage with a guard rail.

Me too, Barry.  Madonna fell off a stage a couple of years ago.  

Poor Stephen.  That's a rotten thing to happen.  

Question Author

There's never a guardrail at the front obviously, but when he turned to go offstage it should have been safer than it was. 

Poor Frank Zappa was pushed off a stage by a jealous boyfriend. One can understand a boyfriend being jealous of a genius.

Poor Stephen. He's lucky to have survived that! 

I wonder if he was treaded privately.


Poor Stephen. That must have been really painful.

At least we know where Gness has been these last months.

Round at Stephens house making him feel better.😀

Tilly, he was treated at an NHS hospital, the QE Woolwich. 

Pelvis quite serious. and yes a claim wd be based on the duty of the impresario and theatre mge giving you a safe place to ponce

Thank you, Barry.

He highly praised the NHS.

'Pense', shurely. 😂

Question Author

It's a pretty serious bunch of injuries to sustain. I wish him well. 

barry, I'm assuming the bit he fell off wasn't the front of the stage. I could be wrong.

Open trap doors aside, it's difficult to picture drops exiting stage left or right.

looks as though Fry failed to envisage it too.

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Stephen Fry Broken Bones

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