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Michelle Mone Says That She Is Ashamed Of Being A Conservative Peer.....

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Hymie | 18:15 Sun 10th Dec 2023 | News
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‘.... given what this Government has done to us.’

By ‘us’, does she mean the UK population as a whole, or just her and her husband?



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Awe, poor thing . 

If she's unhappy can she not walk away from it all?

As you know Hymie,i have no time for these East End Glaswegians.They get up to all sorts.If you know what i mean?

She made a mistake ....... she lied .

But she was not ashamed of the £200 Million that was fast tracked into the Company for useless PPE equipment that her and her husband had no connection with ..then all of a sudden £29 million of that money was parachuted into an offshore bank account in  her name.

Actually Gulliver, her and her children's account. . I hope she gets help with her amnesia .

Probably what happened there was, Boris only wanted to give her one. But he ended up giving her 29 million instead.

It must be awful to live with such shame.

A Glaswegian East-Ender,nicebloke,remember?

How come Mone and husband have  got away with it .This is serious it because they are members of the Con Crony Club.They should both be brought to justice along with Boris.

...and Sturgeon and her pretendy husband remember gulliver.

How come they got away with it? Very good question that, obviously theres a lot more to this con gang that we dont know about as yet.

ynnafymmi - would you please explain your 17:58 post?

"would you please explain your 17:58 post?

What's to explain, other than the poster in question's ongoing crusade to derail any thread with her anti-SNP agenda. You can't possibly not know this?

Yes JimF, gets a bit tiring but wonder what the "pretendy husband" is all about?

It is the suggestion that Nicola Sturgeon and her husband have a sham "marriage of convenience".

She's talking souters again...

YNNAFYMMI, that is...

Maggie, trust me, best to ignore, they are embarrassing 

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Michelle Mone Says That She Is Ashamed Of Being A Conservative Peer.....

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