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University Bans 'Offensive' National Anthem

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fender62 | 20:21 Sun 10th Dec 2023 | News
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why do they cater to these people, this is britain and not some backward dust hole of a dump country, who are these people! leave the uk then...



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I always refuse to stand for an anthem which calls for a deity (whom I don't believe in) to 'save' a monarch (whom I refuse to recognise).  I feel sure that many Bristol University students will feel the same way, so the decision makes perfect sense to me.

Why should it be played?

Is it played at other graduation ceremonies?


When I first saw your post I thought it would be Exeter as that wouldn't surprise me but to be fair, Bristol doesn't surprise me either.


Oliver Cromwell was right on several issues.

The Loyal Orange Order extends an open invitation to Mr Chico and any like-minded souls who'd like to remain seated when that catchy wee tune is played  at close of business.

Patrons are reminded to source the direct dial number for the nearest A&E should they be unable to read the room. x

However it will be played whenever a member of the Royal Family is present !!!  .

Why was it played in the first place?

It was traditional at graduation apparently. There's too much capitulation to woke nonsense supporters. The uni should be ashamed. But we must take into consideration that this is the city that has deteriorated so for over the last half century that they not only rename buildings named after altruistic local folk from history, but vandalise statues on CCTV yet get let off in court. Gawd only knows if sanity will ever return there. The present lot has ruined the area's reputation.

I can't think of another country that holds its own tradition and culture in such disdain.  They know the price of everything and the value of nothing. 

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in america children have to do the pledge of allegiance in the mornings, no such thing here, perhaps we should have it here to.

But thats to the flag !!!


I disagree it seems nuts to swear to a flag, and over the top brainwashing to swear to anything else.


Good upbringing and common sense should instill aa appropriate pride in one's nation without all that.

It gives a sense of pride and togetherness when you hear a crowd of people singing their National Anthem.

ANDRES, would  you want them to play and sing along to the anthems of the non-British graduates?

For God's sake  Corby.  I should have put 'OUR' National Anthem . Cut some slack for an 87 years old. 

^^^^and yes ,I like to hear the different anthems .

I am not a mind-reader and I have no idea what age you are.

Corby, 22.00.  You know what Andres meant.   I know you're being awkward - and you know you're being awkward.  Why that is I guess you know - but it does you no favours.

NAOMI, had I known what ANDRES meant, I would not have asked the question.


I'm a bit baffled why anyone thinks the national anthem should be played at a graduation ceremony.

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University Bans 'Offensive' National Anthem

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