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Scum, the sooner they are exterminated the better.

I thought that it was well known that Hamas would help themselves to whatever was sent into Gaza? Building materials supplied by us and the US were 'diverted' to build their tunnel complex, for instance.

As to why they still get support - I have no idea, but it should not be permitted in this country.


The Daily Mail? Ha.

....ah the Hamas fan club speaks!

I volunteer in an Oxfam shop.  There is a sign in the window asking for donations for Gaza and not Hamas.  There is a difference.

I don't want middle-men to steal the aid or accept kick-backs, but it is unavoidable as long as the bulk of the aid gets to those in need .



I don't read the Daily Mail, Sandy.  I can't recall any one source re: Hamas sidelining materials for their own use. It is more an accumulation of reports over a long time which form my opinion.

Hamas?  No.  Honest as the day is long.  Fine upstanding chaps!!  


it's being reported elsewhere too.

That old woman may be a Jewess, an actor.

In war truth's the first victim.

Did you see the pictures of the terrorists that had been stripped to the waist(to howls of Israeli cruelty from the usual suspects) to check for exploding underwear? They were all distinctly portly(not allowed to call em fat instead it upsets the others) after no doubt snaffling all the food aid that was supposed to go to children or babies. Meanwhile the legacy media was scweeming that aid is not getting delivered in enough quantity to stave off starvation for the innocent. You bet it wasn't   ...   it was being stolen by murderers. 

You would be forgiven for thinking that some were wearing bulky undergarments when clothed. Especially in a region that is being starved by Israel. 


One could be forgiven for thinking that there was more than one woman in the group right enough.

When the country is starving, strong bullies will take the lions' share. No surprise there. Most people don't have any regard for Hamas. For most people, who have some respect for Israel, the problem is with Israel killing and starving innocent people ... Hamas's atrocious behaviour is a given, Israel's isn't.

Did you see the pictures of the terrorists that had been stripped to the waist.... to check for exploding underwear?

I dont wear my underpants around my tits. Have I been wrong for 70 yrs ?

PP, I think that they were moobs and not boobs.

// Have I been wrong for 70 yrs ?//

No   ...   they are fine over your head. XXL recommended!

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Hamas Stealing Aid

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