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It Appears That Mr Sunak Is To Continue With His Nonsense Rwanda Plan

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Hymie | 23:11 Fri 01st Dec 2023 | News
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At least it will give me a chance to laugh once more at this incompetent government – but sadly it is bound to cost more tax-payer money, which the poor can ill-afford.



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On this, Hymie, we agree.

The Rwanda plan is ridiculous. It will never get off the ground and even if it did its effect would be negligible.

Mr Sunak would spend his time better in seeking a radical overhaul of the asylum system to make it better suited to today's situation. 

God NJ agrees with you Hymie  ! a first indeed. magnet for your fridge

I must withdraw "this is a most UN-mimsy post -hymie - go to the naughty step you bad boy!"

is it a full moon outside?

The Rwanda plan has cost the tax payer £140 million so far. Just wasted by this most incompetent usless Tory Govt in history. Then the billions of pounds spent on the HS2 failure.Whilst Sunak and Cameron are flying around Dubi in their private luxury  jets ,also courtesy of the tax payer.   No wonder they are know as the Con Party.

And the tory die hards on AB have the nerve to say a Labour Govt will waste tax payers money.....🤣....PMSL.




your mate you need to cut and past  all your troll guff must be really hacked off with you getting him up so early on a Saturday morning...

Anyone know what cut and past means ????

10:20 you couldn't do it if it was explained me old china.

This isn't about the Rwanda plan anymore it's about establishing a method of relocating immigranmts to another country that can't be blocked.

Make the UK a sort of "travel agent" for all those wanting to get out of their own country without incurring any cost? Something like that? With the help of the Rescuing Non-Legal Immigrants (RNLI) Service?

It's basically the Australian plan but we have been stymied by our own laws from doing the equivalent. We need to give this and future governments a method to control these invasions. They may end up sending the odd plane to Rwanda but that is not the real aim. Once the precident is set we have a method of exporting the imigrants to other locations that we may do a deal with later.

"Anyone know what cut and past means ????"

im willing to bet everybody else knows exactly what it means...if you dont then its another example of your lack of intelligence

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It Appears That Mr Sunak Is To Continue With His Nonsense Rwanda Plan

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