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"Hell Hath No Fury ..."

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drmorgans | 14:50 Sat 28th Oct 2023 | News
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Former SNP leadership candidate Ash Regan has quit the party to become Alex Salmond's Alba party's MSP at the Scottish Parliament.




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Out of the frying pan...

I hope she has all her under-clothing screwed on tight.


It was probably time to reconsider her option when she came third in the SNP leadership contest behind the barking mad Kate Forbes.

Parties who have been in control for a long time tend to self distruct. Good to see that happening in Scotland 😀

Flame-haired temptress. 😊

The more the ultra-nationalists in ALBA and the less extreme nationalists in the SNP are at each others throats Duggie,perhaps better for us non-nationalists up here in Scotland.Just saying.

... like a woman's corns.


Got to love the SNP.

He equally sympathises with Israelis & Palestinians?

What was he thinking?


Still waiting for my free unicorn from these Scottish nationalist heid-bangers,geezer?I wonder if i will ever get one?After IndyRef2 the year 2525 perhaps?

@14.32.Aah,at long last a SNP MP with a set of cojones.If he was my MP i would vote for him...and i hate the Scottish nationalists with a vengeance.

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"Hell Hath No Fury ..."

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