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Only one viper at 10 Downing Street and it isnt "Spunky"...
Provided he isn't making it up I can't see the problem.
Conor Burns is a loyalist will be clinging to the wreckage of the good ship Johnson when it finally disappears below the surface, and good for him, he is entitled to voice his opinions.
But if you don't want the time, don't do the you-know-what would be my advice.

I'd have been more surprised if it wasn't Dominic Cummings to be honest.

When you get sacked from the rock factory in Blackpool, the give you no warning, and match you off the premises, before you have chance to add your own 'message' to the latest batch of confectionery bound for the south pier.

Dominic Cummings was allowed to 'leave' and took heaven knows what in the boxes he carried out of Number Ten in full view of the Media.

'Hell hath no fury ...' is one description for him - better would be - 'Revenge is a dish best served cold ...'.
I hope the snake can sleep at night , although I think he’s void of feeling , he even looks evil
Didn't he carry on working on Moonshot?
In fairness to him, that was a great success.

I can only repeat what I said before: as long as none of it is made up so what.
I agree with bobisox Boris does look evil.
...and what are your views on Cummings,Bobbi?
Very droll MONEILL45,
You know exactly who I was referring to!
As my mum used to say - Hell hath no fury like a woman's corns!
Okay I missed putting his name in my post, the evil scumbag Cummings, happy?
Dominic Cummings signed Johnson up to the Brexit campaign, and initially Johnson was quite a reluctant campaigner in the style Cummings wanted.
Then when Brexit all worked out in a way that got Johnson into Number 10 he felt he had to reward him in some way.
But it was pretty much a match made in hell.
With Johnson's track record he was taking a big gamble employing him.
How can the inventer of the slogan "Take Back Control"

possibly be an evil scumbag :-)
Question Author
His (alleged) revenge will be aimed at 'Princess Nut-Nut' as much as Boris.
I think we all think it was Cummings, but when media have written that 'sources' have said" then who knows. I must admit i stopreadig at that point.
ich - // With Johnson's track record he was taking a big gamble employing him. //

I think you are absolutely right, and this I believe, speaks to the major issue with Boris Johnson.

Quite simply, he is not a politician, or a leader.

He has swept into Number Ten on a tide of goodwill resulting in some shrewd and farsighted plans, which may well be more Cummings' than his - getting Brexit through.

But now, the job of actually running a cabinet, and the country, comes into force, and Johnson is simply not up to it.

He has neither the simple political experience, or the man management skills, to build and maintain the level of intellect and skill around him that compensate for his weaknesses, of which there are many.

The party scandal encapsulates his lack of control, his personal judgement, and his ability to read and adjust to the mood of the electorate.

The Tories have to accept that he will only get worse, since none of his failings are even been recognised, much less addressed and adjusted, and as such, he will be unelectable by the time the election arrives.

I suspect there are already plans to replace him moving into action, and it will be a relief for all concerned when he goes, including him I'm sure.
I rather assumed it was Dominic Cummings from the start. Now I'll read the other responses - but I'll bet that most thought the same.
Yes jourdain, I did too
@16.27.Oh,righto.Ynna stares into the middle distance....
I guess Matt Hancock's wife would be very thankful to Cummings if he was responsible for the video link. :0))

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