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Surely They Can't Be Serious?

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piggynose | 16:24 Tue 26th Sep 2023 | News
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That's like asking the Ayatollah to denounce his faith and become a Christian , madness !

Well Hitler was nominated for the Nobel peace prize so anything is possible.

I think Putin is extracting the urine.

Putin seriously believes Russia is the injured party.

Its amazing to what lengths some people will go in trying to wind you up, the more they try the more foolish they look.

If a country's regime props up a uniformed stiff with pillows to assure their brainwashed citizens that their Black Fleet boss didn't die in a missile attack. I think they are serious but very deluded and sick

Well the UN is no better than the ECHR when it comes to understanding what a human right is, so hardly surprising Russia thinks it can return and stick it's oar in.

All such organisations have lost respect over the last few decades, and should be replaced anyway.

oh right...this is AB

of course they are serious. - They think the bits of Ukraine they have occupied is Russian ( well they DID just walk in).

and have done it with muuch less brutality than 1943-5. Humane in fact

of course they are serious - motivation to vote: arms and wheat, so they may achieve it

Nothing would surprise me given the nonsense that is going on in the world at the moment.

Nobel peace prize for Putin perhaps? I'm rapidly losing interest.

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Surely They Can't Be Serious?

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