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Trump’s Latest Indictment Charges Includes Racketeering

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Hymie | 08:01 Tue 15th Aug 2023 | News
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If found guilty there is a mandatory minimum 5 year jail term within Georgia for racketeering.

18 others have been charged within the indictment, including Rudy Giuliani.

Interesting times ahead.



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As this is a State case (and not Federal), if by some miracle he was elected president in 2024 he would not have the power to grant himself a pardon.
incredz we should all be discussing ( seriously even tho this is AB) whether a head of state can pardon himself...

let alone the greatest state on earth.... and once we looked on american democracy as a beacon and not a laughing stock.

Trump is saying "bring it on!" - but it may not draw in the floating voters he needs
oh, Can the governor of Georgia?
basically is the governor of Georgia dem or rep

incredz that a pardon is dependent on party badge and not on whether he deserves it
god her name is Fanny ( naughty word in American)
Nawty word here, not so in America, as far as I know.
Indeed Sandy
Our bum bag trumps their fanny pack.
They've tried by hook or by crook for years to nail him with something. Even if they forget the hook and plump for the crook to succeed they'll be happy.
One day the whole sorry saga will be a Netflix series, who knows. maybe Meghan can play Melania...
Too smiley.
// They've tried by hook or by crook for years to nail him with something. //

I wonder if this line of reasoning ever goes as far as reading into what the "something" is.

It's complicated law, for natural reasons the prosecutors will want the evidence to be damning and for the charges to stick (hence the length of time taken to bring many of these); and, since Presidents are at least functionally (and probably also actually) immune from criminal prosecution, then naturally there was a rather large four-year pause button on any of this.

Also many's the time Trump's been able to settle before things got as far as a criminal case when they arguably should have (eg his "Trump University" fraud).

Put simply, he's rich and powerful, and rich and powerful people are hard to nail even when the charges would otherwise been an open-and-shut case. The guy tried to rig the election in multiple ways.
His lawyers will tie it up for 10 years, he'll be brown bread long before he does any bird.
Possibly also that, too. As it is, another reason for the delay is that they've already been trying such tactics -- change judge, change location, more time to prepare a defence etc etc (the last is superficially reasonable, but if it's used to keep delaying even the start of a trial then at some point it's not legitimate).

This indictment has to be the strongest one...surely? I mean, have you heard the call to the Governor of Georgia? It sounds like a slam dunk. Trump is literally trying to coerce the Governor to 'find' 11,000 votes.

This is hugely more serious than the documents he took out of the White House.

This is a direct attack on democracy!
//I wonder if this line of reasoning ever goes as far as reading into what the "something" is. //

It does but I'm still waiting for the long list of 'somethings' to produce something.

I think we should all be patient...and count ourselves lucky that whatever we may think of our politicians - they're nowhere *near* as hideous as some across the pond.
Patient? That suggests they're actively searching for something they can actually nail him with. They wouldn't do that ... would they?

Have you heard the tape?

It's very bad.
If you mean that video, SP, I listened t most of it before I could stand it no longer. Her voice grated.

No - the call made by Trump to the Governor of Georgia's Secretary of State.


It's 100% disgraceful. Seriously - have a listen to it.

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Trump’s Latest Indictment Charges Includes Racketeering

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