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Putin And The War

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ichkeria | 08:03 Fri 19th May 2023 | News
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Khandro posted this link in two separate threads that are ignored/falling down the pecking order and I thought it was worth starting a new one based on it.

Basically the argument is that Putin, far from being likely to be toppled by his disastrous war, is likely to keep fighting it and that his successor is likely to continue it. A bleak prospect perhaps, although it maybe doesn’t take into account fact it’s such as the extent of the sanctions and the crippling toll on society.
Meduza, tho, the Russian media platform now exiled to Latvia I believe, is a good example of how the cream of Russian talent is deserting the country leaving only the dross. Who are happy-ish to continue to obey the regime.
There’s an argument that Putin wasn’t entirely unhappy with the mass exodus from Russia that occurred after the first mobilisation and that arguably it was one of the reasons for it.


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The US has confirmed it will not stop the export of European F-16s to Ukraine.
I don’t think they ever explicitly said they wouldn’t: but good to hear it put positively
Good. But no takers for that important article on Putin & the history of authoritarian dictators, which I & I think you found both prescient & fascinating.
Question Author
Yes very interesting and I think pretty much spot on.
It doesn’t mean Putin WON’T fall but I agree it’s not so likely.
They said the fall of Kherson wound mean his downfall: that was spun into some sort of victory.
Similarly the liberation of Crimea, but I also am sceptical that that will cause it either. Russia is more than ever an inward-looking fascist state whose leaders exist solely to enrich themselves and stay in power. If Putin is toppled too many of those around him - the main candidates for doing so - would lose their patronage.
May still happen but it probably won’t change much
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I’m hearing the last Ukr rearguard units have left Bakhmut proper, while advances continue on the outskirts.

Reculer pour mieux sauter ;-)
^^ I hope so.
btw, I don't know if you are interested in poetry but there are lots of
Russian poets taking on the war, some are safely outside of Russia, but some brave souls are writing & publishing from inside.

There is a collection in a book entitled, 'Disbelief, 100 Russian War Poems' - Julia Nemirovskaya editor. Smokestack Paperback, £9.99. I don't have the book, but I have just read a review of it in the TLS.

In one by a Maria Boteva touches on an interesting point that Germany's decades long assumption of responsibility for the Nazi horrors [I can vouch that it even still continues today by some] could act as a model for what the Russians will have to face when the war ends & all the facts come to light.

I thought he was running out of weaponry and his troops were deserting him?
Zacs; If you read the article it isn't really about the war, it's about Putin in particular & dictators in general, written by a very bright woman who has studied & published on the subject for 15 years.

Worth reading imo.
Question Author
The Russians put four extra battalions into Bakhmut in the last few days according to the British MOD, in an likely effort to make a final push.
The Ukrainians have now likely withdrawn: with 70,000 (at least) Russian dead in this battle over the last year or so, I think they'd consider the attrition well worth it.
Meanwhile, sorry to see the BBC giving a headline to the "colossal risk" threat made by the Russians over the prospect of F-16s. More bluster.
Question Author
Prigozhin says Wanger are withdrawing from Ukraine back to Africa (Sudan?)
To be honest, I would not believe a word this man says
Perhaps you wont want to reply,but have you a personal interest in this"war",ichkeria?I might be wrong but methinks one or two on this site might be more aligned with Putin rather than the Ukrainian people.
Question Author
Certainly do - although not sure you have to to feel an affinity with the victims.
One flat in Kyiv and another on the way: at this rate we'll occupy more of Ukraine than ruzzia by year's end ;-)
As for Putin supporters here, I'd be surprised, but it takes all sorts.
Up to them.
So many beautiful lives squandered on all sides. Oceans of tears, pain, misery and debasement. For what? Principal, egotism, greed?
Too many mothers sons lay down in the mud bloodied by the stupidity of war.
Question Author
200,000+ Russian military
13,000+ Ukrainian military
Civilians (all Ukrainian): at least 60,000
So well over a quarter of a million

Thousands of Ukrainians abducted: there is some evidence that some of the children taken have been trafficked into the sex trade.

All down, in one way or another, to one man.
Anyone harbouring sympathy for evil Putin should read this;

I'll say no more.
@16.44.Yes,i would say that there are one or two on here who are more pro-Putins Nazis than their victims(men,women,children)in the Ukraine.I will leave it at that.
It would appear that when I describe Russians as untermenschen some fail to see the irony When Barbarossa kicked off it was the Nazi Faschists who invaded Russia illegally.Now Russia ,the sub humans ,invade a peaceful country illegally they have the brass neck to call the Ukranians Nazi faschists. To quote John Wayne,’Send em to Hell’
@17.37.The Nazi Hitler said before he invaded Russia that it would be a six week war followed by brutal police(SS)oppression.The Nazi Putin probably thought and said the same thing.May Putin go the same way as his hero Schicklegruber.
Question Author
Bakhmut now reportedly half encircled by Ukrainian forces.
The stupidity of the Russians is staggering.
11 months to slaughter themselves into a rattrap
A new Stalingrad for Putin and his Nazis perhaps.An end to the beginning,now perhaps(hopefully)the beginning of the end for Putin and his fascist cohorts.

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Putin And The War

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