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How Was Keir Starmer Able To Broker A Tax Free Deal When He Worked At The Dpp

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barney15c | 00:03 Wed 22nd Mar 2023 | News
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Keir doesnt pay any tax on his pension while he was at the DPP (lifetime tax limit), what was the rationale behind giving him a bespoke arrangement?


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The article states this benefit applied to all DPPs up until SKS, but that’s not really the point.

Using the current buzzword of ‘optics’, SKS benefitting from something he’s haranguing the Government for are not great optics.
Hypocritical from Rodders to oppose giving to the masses what he already has. The tax on pension savings is totally insidious. Quite rightly the government is removing the cap. This is nothing to do with tax on pensions, that is paid when the income is drawn. We are all encouraged to save for our retirement and when we do we are then told....oooo not too much and a punitive tax is levied on those that do get to over £1.07m. Not a very high sum to achieve in a pension over a working life and I was hoping for a higher cap but the removal of a cap all together is better.
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This probably - - the rationale

Judicial Pension Act 1993 - the judges successfully lobbied the govt and said " we are special ( QCs who have taken a whopping gt pay cut to be a judge) and so our pensions shouldnt be like the proles"
and the govt under Lord McKay ( LC) agreed

this is now the 2015 Act and is a career average ( the career being a judge) pension

and the DPPs I dont doubt said - "me too!"

Babies and proles - it is NOT a pension tax - when vested a pensioner pays income tax on his pension. This concerned the 55% tax on any pension pots of gtr than £1.073m

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How Was Keir Starmer Able To Broker A Tax Free Deal When He Worked At The Dpp

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