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Swimming Champ From North Of The Border

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piggynose | 09:06 Wed 22nd Mar 2023 | News
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He's either incredible or slightly mad.
What do you think?


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impressive ! if slightly bonkers !!
It was in aid of charity too. Why did he do it at night? Is that when sharks go to sleep LOL

I remember Ross Edgley who swam around Great Britain. He had to endure his tongue rotting away due to salt water and a jellyfish stuck to his face for 30 minutes. Incredible!!
Well done……… he’s a handsome boy .
Why has he turned into the hulk?

Very, very impressive.....but i do believe there are much safer ways of crossing that stretch of water:-)
Was it said he was on his third leg?? Not surprised in those shark infested waters!
Still, what a brilliant brave young man..
Thats very impressive. Well done.
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Thanx kuiperbelt, what a man or was he amphibian? Lol

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Swimming Champ From North Of The Border

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