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Another Offensive Song?

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mushroom25 | 20:57 Mon 23rd Jan 2023 | News
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well well. whatever were Gerry Goffin, Jerry Wexler and Carole King thinking when they wrote Aretha Franklin's 1967 classic?

apparently offensive because "there is no such thing as a natural woman"

or..... is the organisation making the claims - as some on social media claim - just a hoax designed to enrage "gammons"?


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Apoplexy ensued at the playing of A Man's Man's World.
they've got their names onto yet another chat site, I see.
Mungo Jerry's In the Summertime.
If her daddy's rich take her out for s meal.
If her daddy's poor do as you feel.
Sony are set to defend a lawsuit over their trans sister radio.
Well I doubt many of us feel that we would prefer an unnatural woman.
Actually I believe they're drawing a line in the sand over an unruly bush and hairy pits.
Joe Tex is in trouble then. He "Aint Gonna Bump No More With That Big Fat Woman". ... Wrong on so many new and exciting levels.
LOl @ 20.06.
Is that why they introduced the Sony Wokeman?
The New York Post is like America's Daily Star. For comedic purposes only unless the reader is a moron.
sandyRoe, Mungo Jerry's in the summer time also tells you to Have a drink, have a drive, so some good advice there, I don't think.
Is the passage of fifty three years not long enough to get over something like a song lyric?

It's as bad as the Hitler thing.
I was only commenting on sandy's reply douglas with a few more of the lyrics. I see your first answer is from an even older song.
The 'Hitler thing' in The Producers was deliberately offensive. You have to see the film to get it in context. So funny.
Aye shedman, bit mine's a classic, your one is 'pop'. :-)
But both still just song lyrics and I was only adding in a few more of the words from a song that sandy had mentioned, nothing more.
maybe if the link had contained the words Gummies or Keto instead of the female dog term it would be allowed
My bad... that was for the street names one
// bit mine's a classic //

Not bad but try this one, it's a belter;

'It's Really Nice to See You Mr Hess'

Arthur Askey

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Another Offensive Song?

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