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Edinburgh Is Sorry

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Stableford | 13:40 Thu 27th Oct 2022 | News
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So, Edinburgh is the latest entity to 'apologise' for 'slavery and colonialism'. Is this going to make a difference to anything or anyone, or is it a meaningless gesture?

BBC News - Edinburgh says sorry for city's role in slavery and colonialism


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One would have thought that, instead of apologising to long-dead people, that the grandees in Edinburgh would be better apologising to the people of Scotland who are still alive, for the ongoing attempts to break up our United Kingdom, and breaking the promise of the 'once in a generation' referendum. But that may be too much like common sense.
It's a meaningless gesture.

//The Lord Provost said: "As civic leader of the city and convener of the council, I apologise to all those who suffered profound physical and mental abuse from the city's past involvement in colonialism and slavery.//

Nobody alive today has suffered any ill effects of slavery and nobody currently in Edinburgh played any part in it.

The Lord Provost would spend his time more productively if he urged Edinburgh City Council and the Scottish Parliament to concentrate on far more pressing matters.
//the Edinburgh Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review Group //

Presumably they get paid for their "work" so are still effectively profiting from slavery!
Locals will be along shortly with a list of things that Edinburgh Council should apologise for.
Though not a resident I'd like to set the ball rolling with The Trams.
Strangling the city with endless over-runs and sucking every penny available from the public purse to provide a light railway that nobody uses, taking up already restricted roadspace and on-street loading and parking facilities.
It does seem convenient to apologise for something you arent remotely responsible for, and that happened many years before anyone alive today was born. Perhaps the people of Edinburgh will get an apology for the state of the bins over the summer? Or the ridiculous public transport system in the city? Or a thousand and one other issues which are actually relevant to the citizens. But no, let's apologise for slavery and colonialism. Virtue signalling nonsense.
Absolute nonsense. I wonder how much that momentous decision has cost the taxpayer?
Too much Naomi.

These people need to stop navel gazing and get on with current issues that real people are suffering with.
Maybe Edinburgh is sorry about the money lost in the attempt to set up a colony in the Darien Gap in the late 17th Century.
There's a saying in the capital or maybe I made it up:

"Have a Cammy Day"
They'd be better off apologising to the UK for Jimmy K.
So it was they who were responsible for the world's slave trade ? This must mean Edinburghites tax demands are going to rocket sky high to compensate for all the misery they caused. Should we allow Edinburgh to remain in the UK and continue to be an embarrassment to the rest of us decent Brits ?
Douglas think it's "have a canny day" unless I have my wires crossed?
Perhaps it's "clammy" :-)
No, it's Cammy.

So much unreported from years ago that I can't remember but it's all out there somewhere.
Must have been named after a bar of soap.

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Edinburgh Is Sorry

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