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Harry's Memoirs: What Good Can Come Of This?

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Stableford | 13:37 Thu 27th Oct 2022 | News
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BBC News - Prince Harry to release his memoir in January- Apart from earning the ex-Royals a few more dollars, what good can come of this?


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Maybe the removal of HRH then hopefully Netflix and all the other platforms will drop them. Their value would drop and they could become the private citizens they say they want to be
Well it seems like some charities are doing OK out of it so that some good innit?

Anything that potentially discomfits the monarchy is great by me!
I have to admit being impressed with his taking on Gillette at their own game.

Unless I've completely misunderstood.
Do people write their memoirs in the hope they will do some good?
For people who claim to want a private life they sure ask for a heck of a lot of publicity. When they're not giving interviews, making podcasts or brazenly attention-seeking with the Hollywood crowd, perhaps they could have a quiet talk amongst themselves as to why no-one seems to leave them well alone. Sorry, but you can't have it both ways, Megharry.
It's a deflection from the political turmoil currently extant.
HH - if they don't turn a dollar or two presumably they would be after King Chas for some spending money. They can only cash in on their "fame" to maintain the required lifestyle. It's all they have.
I don't think so, Canary. It was originally meant to be published in November so it's actually late. The delay I think is because, in the wake of the Queen's death, Harry had second thoughts about some of the content and wanted changes made.
It will probably make any chance of reconciliation even more remote.
History seems to be repeating itself with Harry in the role of the Duke of Windsor. Neither of them could ever have imagined they'd end up leading a life of idleness in a foreign country.
he's as free to write his memoirs as anyone else. And people will be free to buy them if they so wish.

What's the problem? What "good" do you expect to come from anyone's life story?
//What's the problem?//

Well for us, nothing.

For him though ....
He has pledged to give £1.6m from the book sales to charities. He received an advance of £18m so he will do very well from it.
He only needs to sell 56,000 books to cover the charitable donations.
Do you feel like it's going to be a sob story?
^ Most definitely !
Can someone please tell me when Poundland are selling it?
He has as much right as anyone to publish his memoir but he knows that his father, brother and other close relatives will not be able to refute anything he has written nor have the right to a full and frank reply.
Half price in Waterstones and WHSmith to order online already! Wonder of the Daily Mail will serialise it?
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Harry's Memoirs: What Good Can Come Of This?

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