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no ken it's been a bit quiet on the government this evening.
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That's what i thought.
Boris won’t quit - he’s far too stubborn,.
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I meant the two replacement appointments.
I think most are wondering who the next PM will be and how long the 1922 Committeewill allow him to drag out the charade.
No one cares about the bit-part players, they want to see who the next Head Honcho will be.

Must admit I’m intrigued about Dorries though.
One of the first in Downing St tonight, maybe Johnson wanted to check on her support of him(already a given, she fawns over him more than Naomi) and once assured maybe he promised her something more substantial shortly, like tea lady at Cabinet meetings?
I think the Party would probably prefer the abominable Rees-Mogg but they hesitate to bring it on because he isn't particularly popular with the populace I don't think (c/f how the Party kept him out of the limelight at the last GE).

It appears to me that the Tories are as bereft of leadership qualities as Labour are (but don't mention the Lib-Dems).

Perhaps the SNP should muscle in on Westminster (one way to preserve the Union LOL)
they just want someone who'll win the next election for them rather than lose it. (Worst case scenario beng that not only does the party lose the election, they lose their jobs.)

But I don't know who that someone might be. I can't see the likes of Dorries and Rees Mogg turning the tide.
we always find a way, that's why we have been in power for 56% of the last 122 years almost 3 times as many as Labour's 19.5%. The 122 is since Labour were founded in case you were wondering.
jno: "they just want someone who'll win the next election for them rather than lose it." - indeed but as we are up against Labour who last won an election in 1974, it ain't really a problem is it?
I fear that if Rees-Mogg got the job, we'll all be pining for the "golden days" of Boris within a couple of years.
//I fear that if Rees-Mogg got the job, we'll all be pining for the "golden days" of Boris within a couple of years.//

He won’t. Lord Snooty will forever be reminded over his ‘terrible night for May’ quote(even though she had a higher percentage than the current PM) after her VONC over the ‘if it’s by one vote it’s still a win’ sycophantic rubbish that he contrasted with Johnson’s VONC.
That’s the problem for most of the cabinet, tainted with the Johnson stain of perpetually defending the indefensible in the face of overwhelming parliamentary and public opinion, a stick that now each will be beaten with now that it’s shown that Number 10 have lied.
They had their chance around the time of the VONC and blew it, they’re now deemed as mired as Johnson.
Plus JRM is a religious fanatic who doesn’t believe in abortion.
He’ll never get the top job but then I doubt he’d want it.
the Mogg as PM
o god stick my fingers darn me froat

VONC punters and proles, is vote of no confidence
and is a recognised FLA - er four letter acronym
( I guessed vot eon national council)

all this foo-foo about "the great electors voted me in so I can only go with a vote of no confidence from the 1922 ctee."
yeah one of those evgs where it ALL makes sense
//she fawns over him more than Naomi//

I don't 'fawn' over anyone.

Now you've all stopped wetting yourselves with excitement, I'll add my bit. Simple really. The people who have resigned will be replaced.

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