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I read of this on FB. I know that the law is probably on the woman's side but I would think that a compromise could be reached.

I have a JR and I fear exactly this he attacks everything and I fear with a less careful owner he'd have been put down long ago. He especially attacks children, we have to be so careful but up to now mostly he bites only me and err indoors though I did once have to bung the postman, fortunately it was xmas and he was a dog lover. I hope the victim can see sense. They are basically the angry little bloke of the dog world!
here he is, butter wouldn't melt eh!
The bigger story could be sun in Ireland this year.

Used to be said that every dog was entitled to its first bite?
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Mine attacks no-one, ttt, but he does jump up barking at visitors as they are about to leave. On the odd occasion, he has been known to tear an item of clothing. The bill, of course, comes out of my pocket:-(
When we're up on the grassy area, and he's off the lead, he is perfectly content with strangers stroking him, especially kids.
When i said there may be more to it, i wondered if the dog has done this sort of thing before.
The old guy is 85 and it's highly unlikely he'd get another dog.
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Lovely little chap, ttt.
Intelligent animals these Jack Russells. Know just how and when to put their 'innocent' faces on:-)
A compromise could be dangerous, Wolf. This has being doing the rounds here for a while and we've read quite a bit more about it.
I won't sign the petition because if the next bite is a little toddler's face I couldn't bear the guilt.
Gness, if there is history and more to the story that is different.
If this was a first bite situation I Still think it could be resolved by compromise.

JRs are my least favourite breed, along with Yorkies. They are fearless, TTT is right about the angry bloke part of their nature.

A dangerous dog is a danger no matter its breed.
Starmack, that is a myth. A dog owner may not be liable if a dog bites once as he could not foresee it happening, as long as the dog was in its own home or kept under proper control in public. This means the owner may not be prosecuted or liable for compensation.

The dog can still be deemed dangerous because of one bite and ordered to be put to sleep especially if the bite happened in a public place without provocation, as happened here.
I agree with Gness.
Apparently a non-existent dog TTT (link comes up blank).

While I agree with guess regarding the risk of a recurrence, killing the dog does seem a little OTT, why not just muzzle the dog when outside.

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