Single Sex Toilets To Be Compulsory...

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mushroom25 | 14:37 Sun 03rd Jul 2022 | News
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good move for the provision of "safe" spaces for women? or a retrograde step in the general move toward inclusivity?


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A safe space for a woman is far more important than inclusivity.
Tricky. How many genders supposedly are there at present?
What / if any are the benefits of communal toilets ?
Question Author
// What / if any are the benefits of communal toilets ? //

not having to choose if (say) you're a man that menstruates?
my head hurts!
Question Author
....but seriously, saves the organisation providing two sets of facilities when their demographic is almost exclusively male or female.
Lordy lordy. So if you're man who menstruates which came first, the penis or the egg?
fatticus: "Tricky. How many genders supposedly are there at present?" - 2.
mushroom: "not having to choose if (say) you're a man that menstruates?" - only women menstruate.
On a lighter note, once out of desperation, I used the men's loos with my husband standing guard. It was at a block of toilets outside and the Ladies' for some reason was out-of-order. As I was coming out a group of burly bikers burst in and one joked to the others, ''Didn't know these toilets were ambidextrous!'
But will mean often to queue more often compare to now.... and presumably no stand up urinals?
I don't really see a big problem as long as they are well-designed.

Booths first - then urinals behind some sort of screen? Only trouble with that is that at busy times men will get caught up in a big queue when they could be in an out in a flash (so to speak).
^^ there seems to be some confusion s to what single sex and this ruling means. I have read it there will be provision of separate ladies and gents (in old speak) rather than gender neutral for all.
I was about to post the DM article on this.
I suspect that this as an issue is more important to women than men...going by some of the comments. Also, it seems many parents are reporting that their children...male and female...are very uncomfortable with having to use the same facilities.
Most will say that comfort and safety is far more important than inclusivity.
// and presumably no stand up urinals?//

Then the chaps will have to pee on the loo seats ... that will have em demanding they are re installed. :))
this is all about envy, for years the ladies have had to queue up whilst the men pee and go, rarely have to queue. So they want to impose a trap only configuration so the blokes can get a taste of queueing.
Prudie - my mistake, I assumed that the article implied that multi-sex toilets would be compulsory

Maybe 4 venues - men, ladies, disabled & "other"?

Before disabled toilets became (almost) universal I had to take my wheelchair bound mother to the ladies toilets in theatres, cinemas, etc. Never had any difficulty apart from the crowds & restricted space.
//this is all about envy,//

Penis envy? :))
Thanks to Pasta I've looked at the DM article which makes it much clearer that separate male and female toilets will be provided so don't see that this will have any effect on urinal provision, screens nor queuing.

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Single Sex Toilets To Be Compulsory...

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