Lord Rothermere Has Lost It With Johnson

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FatticusInch | 23:02 Sun 03rd Jul 2022 | News
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Seems like the owner of the Mail, a previously pro-Johnson paper has realised that backing him is no longer a viable option and that he doesn’t reflect the views of the papers readers.

Living on borrowed time.


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Lord Rothermere - the billionaire who pays no UK taxes. Bloody hypocrite.
Dacre is a fanboy who wants a peerage. Rothemere isn’t a fanboy and can see the wood from the trees - that Boris is hopeless.
The Mail:
// “No 10 tried to dampen criticism by suggesting Boris Johnson was unaware of Mr Pincher’s creepy proclivities when he promoted him.
“But given that every dog in the street seems to have known – at Westminster and beyond – that claim stretched credibility to the limit. And if he didn’t know, why not?” //

Yesterday I wrote:
// Boris appears to be out of touch with his party. Everyone seems to have been aware of Pincher’s proclivities except the Prime Minister. Cummings indicates that Johnson may have had an inkling but choose to ignore it. //
I wonder if the Mail on Sunday will also turn on Boris or remain true-blue. The Sunday and weekday papers have often been competing to see which can have the brownest nose.
The Daily and Sunday Mail have different editors, and for a long time have been following contrary views. Private Eye enjoys highlighting their differences of opinion.
Little wonder their readers are confused.
Not sure Dacre does much as Editor in Chief of the group. It was more an honorary title for his long service. Ted Verity and David Dillon seem to operate independently from Dacre.
The readers are well aware of the difference Gromit, just read the comments. I know that doesnt fit your agenda but its fact.

Also judging by the comments of late the readership have had enough of Johnson.

And of course I'm sure everyone on here knows my opinion on Johnson!

// I know that doesnt fit your agenda but its fact. //

No idea what you are on about ymb ?
Therese Coffey, the Work and Pensions Secretary was wheeled out yesterday to peddle the party line - that Johnson was totally unaware of what Pincher was like.
Newspapers, commentators, Tory and Opposition MPs all seemed unconvinced and calling that out as yet another lie.
Even Coffey didn’t look very convinced by the words coming out of her own mouth. Being an ambitious Conservative Minister must be the worst job in the country at the moment, I almost felt sorry for her.

// She said she believes 'to the best of my knowledge' that Boris Johnson was not aware of specific allegations about Pincher before appointing him to the whips office. She also confirmed she had not spoken to him about what he knew before coming on television. //
Diane Abbott was interviewed about this matter on "Broadcasting House" yesterday and is alleged to have turned it on its head and accused the prime minister of hypocrisy
the BBC Sounds version was later edited to remove the alleged comment. was that the right thing for the BBC to have done?
// was that the right thing for the BBC to have done? //

Yep. It was clearly libellous, and editing it from their recording should prevent them getting sued.
That woman is a real piece of work.... and that's putting it kindly.
"Living on borrowed time. "
well Fatti your predictions/hopes/desperation about the PM have so far all failed, July 2nd for example. Care to outline how the PM may go this time?
Elections to the Executive Board of the 1922 Committee this week. If Johnson’s enemies take over then a rule change about VONCs only once a year would mean another vote in the summer.
It was a wild accusation from Abbott, in a live transmission. The BBC publishes content, and employs a lawyer to make sure their output is lawful. Abbott’s contribution was removed to save the BBC from criticism and writs.
I've noticed lately that Google seem to have 'buried' the DM coverage of news stories again. Just saying.
I don’t use Google.
Why would they do that ?
You'd have to ask them. Same reason they did it before, perhaps?
Pretty sure you agreed that it was happening last time.

The UK Press Gazette have investigated
If you don’t like the results of their algorithm, use another search engine. I stopped using Google years ago when their first page of results was dominated by adverts.
Not particularly a DM fan but, unlike a lot of others, it wasn't behind a paywall and most stories had btl comments.
Anyway, Mr Fatticus will be fed up with my diversions so I'll leave it there.
I don’t know how Google are selecting their results, but the Daily Mirror does even worse than the Mail, so I don’t think it is left wing bias.

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Lord Rothermere Has Lost It With Johnson

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