As Predicted, Turkey Is On Side!

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ToraToraTora | 21:17 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | News
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....wonder what sweetie they had to give Erdogan?


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Question Author
So Mad Vlad has now achieved precisely the opposite of what he wanted to achieve. What a plonker!
they are ringing the bells
soon they will be wringing their hands
( start of the war of jenkins ear 1739)
Yep we both predicted this Tora.

He drives a hard bargain Erdogan but ultimately he knows which side he needs to on.

Just listening to the russian representative at the UN (yes I know how to live it up).
Absolutely disgusting. I’m surprised some of the more respectable delegates have not walked out
Ukrainian drone strike on Kursk airbase tonight.
Islander missiles launched from russia

"wonder what sweetie they had to give Erdogan?"

Did you not read your link?

"As we've been reporting, Turkey says it will no longer block efforts by Finland and Sweden to join the Nato military alliance - after the three nations announced they'd reached an agreement.

So what's involved in that deal?

Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg says Sweden has agreed to step up its work on Turkish extradition requests of suspected militantsStockholm has been accused by Turkey of harbouring what it calls militants from the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) - but denies the allegationMilitants will also face a crackdown under amendments to Swedish and Finnish lawStoltenberg also says the two Nordic nations will lift their restrictions on selling weapons to Turkey"
Tora: Putin's not a joke and using terms like plonker is childish. I worry that, if he's pushed into a corner, Sweden and Finland joining NATO will make the situation even worse. I would think that should be common sense. You can't call him a fruitcake and then expect him to act logically.
Question Author
you think he reads AB? The whole world is calling him a mental case I don't think he's bothered about me.
Tora: Quite sure he's not worried about you. It's just the rest of us.
It’s good news.
Finland and Sweden will be safer and Nato stronger.
If we start fretting about Putin we may as well all crawl under a rock. Fundamentally russia doesn’t care about nato expansion despite what it claims.
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When russia annexed Crimea in 2014 there were no Nato troops in the forward area.
In the run up to the Feb 24 invasion nato and the west offered talks about russia’s concerns. russia wasn’t interested.
That should tell you a lot
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Question Author
if we are having a political spat then fair enough but this is a subject we can all be civil to each other about but once again the nasty left can't help themselves.
and away TTT goes, winding himself up into a frenzy while Mozz (I guess) pours himself a small brandy and puts his feet up.
Question Author
yeah 5C enjoy.
"this is a subject we can all be civil to each other about but once again the nasty left can't help themselves."

"nasty left"? Yup, very civil...
I was going to, but I'm saving it for a better moment. :-)

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As Predicted, Turkey Is On Side!

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