Dame Deborah James Death Very Sad

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gordiescotland1 | 22:27 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | News
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It is very sad news. Deborah James has died tonight. I think she was an inspiration. What do others think?


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Very tragic, but glad she passed peacefully with her family. You're quite right about her being an inspiration. I listened to her podcast (and on 5live) from time to time, and she always seemed upbeat and hopeful.
I'm sure she bought hope to many, many cancer sufferers with her work, as much as she did her fundraising.
Yes RIP brave lady. She raised millions of £s other sufferers.
Her name was Dame Deborah JAMES
Sorry but I have not heard of her.
She was a journalist who died from bowel cancer at the age of 40. She became a cancer educator, did a podcast and raised millions in recent months.
It's a shame her name can't be corrected in the headline.
I would like to think that if I was given news like hers that I would remain upbeat and hopeful but I doubt it. A very special lady who had so much more to give. Thinking of her family at this sad time.
Must admit I had to look up who she was.
Very sad. I did so hope she would have a miracle recovery.
Name amended in title/post for you.
Indeed she was, gordie. As the news broke last night I was glad she is at rest at last, she has been looking so frail and wasted in the last week. I feel so sorry for her husband, throughout all the media coverage the poor man has looked dreadful, imo. The attention given to Dame Deborah no doubt has helped her young children to adjust to their mother's situation but how they feel right now is anyone's guess. I also felt sorry for Adele Roberts who was celebrating her "all clear" on a day that will be over-shadowed by the death of a wonderful campaigner.

As with all cancers, I hope the funding set up continues to support further research - what a legacy for her family. How many lives has her generosity saved?
We are also sad for her, but she was an inspiration and has helped so much by bringing this cancer to the fore. Mr. J2's daughter died of the same cancer aged 50. It is time for screening for bowel cancer to begin much earlier.
A brave and beautiful lady who left a great legacy - awareness. Poor, poor girl. May she rest in peace.
Very sad. She always looked upbeat and happy but inside I'm sure it was a different picture. Thinking of her young family at this time.

She has brought so much awareness to bowel cancer and I'm sure it has started saving many lives already.

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Dame Deborah James Death Very Sad

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