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I think so.
So do I. (How do you pronounce her name?)
Bet she regrets not making a bolt for Paris.....
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I dont think it matters - you wont be seeing much of her hur hur hur
a lot of the time you do the whole lart
some Brit got 10y and asked when would he be out
and the guard scowled and said - ten years

private prisons, over a million in clink
but business
Americans do have parole boards. They also have some mandatory sentences, mostly I think for federal crimes.
I can't bring myself to care
"Assistant US attorney Alison More told the judge, 'The 2003 guidelines were inadequate. Consider the sophistication of her predatory conduct. We ask the court to send a message no one is above the law.'

It would appear the guidelines were inadequate since they were later amended to recommend longer sentences.

However, should an Assistant US Attorney not have known the guidelines to be used were those in effect at the time of the offences?

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Ghislaine Maxwell Gets 20 Years In Prison.

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