Oh Dear Rodders....... P M Q S

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ToraToraTora | 12:46 Wed 22nd Jun 2022 | News
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Once again Rodders takes a beating in PMQs. Should he go missing next week and give GOAS a chance?


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Gobbo is preoccupied with doing that thing she does with her pins.
Question Author
...full Shazza mode eh?
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Kate Osborne(LAB): "Tens of Thousands of people were marching through London last weekend protesting against this out of touch government, rail workers are on strike, NHS workers, teachers and even Barristers are on the verge of taking industrial action. All workers are coping to deal with the worst cost of living crisis in history.....etc....Can the Prime Minister tell me when is he going to stop meaningless sound bytes and instead start supporting working people across our country"
Boris: "If she wants to support working people across our country, can I suggest she gets off the picket line.....etc"
...and in one fell swoop the might bear splats the snarling mongrel, priceless!
Can you post a link so I know exactly what you're on about?

Wasn't able to watch or listen live.
.... and TTT's regular smoke screen tries yet again to waft away Bozza's blunders.
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well got one of the gullivistas out from under their rock!
Looks like you are the one trying to blow away blunders Canary.

Plenty of other threads bashing Boris. This is your lots failing this time.
Didn’t see it live. Got home and after Toras hype just watched it on iPlayer.

Didn’t look like a beating to me. Usual Boris bluster and fluster. Starmer is a bit wooden in his delivery, and Johnson wooden headed in his replies.

A summer of chaos is looming.

the summer of chaos will be caused by your hard left Union mates Gromit.
I have never belonged to a union, and I don’t vote Labour, so stop blaming me. You sound like Boris at PMQs blaming every one else but himself.

The Government should be doing everything they can to stop the strikes, but instead they are doing nothing.
Johnson wants to be the new Churchill or Thatcher.
But he will be remembered as the new Edward Heath - High inflation, high taxes, cost of living out of control, strikes and economic chaos.
yeah foo
I like the bit where Kier asked whether he were beating inflation with a job for £100 000 at the treasury
( referring to the corrupt offer to Carrie of a sinecure)

and BoJO crushed him in Latin wiv " and the same to you wiv knobs on!" Classic ! Good old Boris - always there with a one-liner no one else would have thought of in 1000 y. First said by Julius Cheezer I daresay
Lol, the usual link-less J Arthur-fest over Johnson.
No idea what you’re talking about, need a link from the OP, as you insisted on recently.
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there you are fatti, 21 mins in

Oh dear, if that’s considered a beating you need to pop to Specsavers.
No substance, no answers and no acknowledgement of failure.
Ironic that he’s sorting bankers bonuses though when he’s the biggest banker in parliament.
If you want to see a beating just check the by election results on Friday morning.
I daresay Johnson is already booked onto another flight to Kyiv shortly, his favourite retreat since Partygate.
Don't know why they call it PMQs. Watched about half of it (32 mins) and Johnson never directly answered a single question put to him. As slippery as a snake.
It's not really about answering questions, it's about who shouts the loudest, and you have to accept Boris is better at that (just like his biggest fan on here)
All buster and fluster as I said earlier.

Everyone is bored stiff by this nonsense except for the fanboys of failure, who lap it up like besotted schoolgirls.

What little sympathy I had for the rail strike
evaporated when I saw Dianna Abbott & ArthurScargill
on the picket lines, please save us from them.
//Dianna Abbott & ArthurScargill on the picket lines//

If they possessed half a brain between them they'd have done the 'cause' a favour and stayed away. As dinosaurs go, perhaps they think they're popular, eh?

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Oh Dear Rodders....... P M Q S

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