3 Days Off A Month For Women

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tiggerblue10 | 10:36 Sun 22nd May 2022 | News
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What are your thoughts on this?


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It will be abused.
won't employers be suspicious if their female staff suddenly need three days a month off?
You don't have faith in your fellow females Naomi? Is possible abuse by some a reason not to offer it?
I don't have faith in people in that respect, pasta - and yes, possible abuse is a reason not to offer it - in my opinion. Women have managed so far without it.
It would be a good idea if it was not taken advantage of , when not really required .

As a bloke , I know that some women can suffer great pain ; whilst others suffer little or no pain .

I remember the hot water bottle , being in constant use
Obviously there will have to be a consultation period.
new i could rely on you doug :-)
the k from new seems to have disappeared . . .
As with most things in society that is offered - sick pay , unemploymnt benefit , just to name a couple , there are always people who will take advantage .

If benefits were dependent on all payees being 100 % honest , then the system could not be operated .
I'm assuming this is aimed at those with diagnosed conditions such as endometriosis rather than the many woman who suffer for a day or so with nothing particularly wrong. Personally as a teen I spent one day a month doubled up with painful cramps, vomiting and hugging a hot water bottle. Only going on the pill stopped it. It only affected education days for me but were I working would I have wanted this concession? I'm not sure, I was so introverted and shy about even having a period I can't imagine wanting my work colleagues to know why I was absent.
is this only for cis women or can blokes pretending to be women get it?
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As I remember when my wife, who suffered greatly when the painters were in, agonised the last thing I needed was days off. Work became so attractive at that time of month.
This would help those women who have had to take time off sick every month and been punished for taking too much time off sick.
My wife had no choice but to take unpaid leave when her annual leave had been used up, mainly for those days she was unable to work, and she had been given warnings about the amount of short periods of sick leave.
Some women are able to avoid periods by taking the contraceptive pill continuously but my wife couldn't take it.
Her hysterectomy was a huge relief for her
It may well be a bonus for some women but a nightmare for those employers with a workforce of mainly women. The unpredictability of not really knowing which days might be the most painful etc. for the women would present numerous problems for the employers having to cover their absences at short notice.
No chance. Get over it. The end
A good idea, abuse is a constant feature in the workplace in the UK, but severe period pains are often associated with heavy bleeding and can be both physically challenging and embarrasing to the woman.

Yes, a good idea.
andres, these women will already be taking time off work. The link states the ladies would need a doctor's note but it should mean they are protected from disciplinary procedures
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Pain can be managed to a certain extent with pain killers and/or hot water bottles which takes the edge off severe pain but heavy flow is another matter. Very unpleasant in the workplace.

I once had both and was driving to the child minder to drop son off early one morning. The pain was so severe I nearly passed out in the door way so went and sat inside for a few minutes. I somehow managed to drive back home, call in sick for work, take 2 paracetamol and sleep most of the day. Parents picked son up from child minder and he stayed with them that night. It went on my sick record.
// is this only for cis women or can blokes pretending to be women get it? //

mixed messages in the report, TTT - until paragraph 5, the report refers to "those who suffer from menstrual pain", or "people who menstruate".......

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3 Days Off A Month For Women

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