Captain Hindsight.

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gulliver1 | 11:22 Mon 23rd May 2022 | News
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So when Boris and his bunch of Con Mps , have to make a massive U Turn
on "Windfall Tax" which is inevitable.
.... proposed by Labour ......
Will he be known as Captain Foresight.


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g'morning goolee
we have your daily dose of spleen - in the raw hur hur hur

in view of his lurve making proclivities - he cd be Capt foreskin
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Or Will Sir Keir be known as Captain Foresight ?
like australia
Sir Keir just has to wait and the tories will implode
the voters are - - unimpressedd
will captain H actually be fighting the 2024 GE?
Not, apparently, if he gets a "ticket" for having a few beers and a curry after (or was it during?) work.
NJ as someone who knows/knew the CPS well

there is no law against drinking beer, but there was about where you did it and who with....

( shades of ( one of the last) witchcraft trials. We will have evidence the accused flew My Lord. Judgie-baby: there is no law against flying. ( 1702))

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Captain Hindsight.

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