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Royal Prince Andrew Imprisoned?.

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William51 | 17:16 Wed 02nd Feb 2022 | News
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With the Prince Andrew, Epstein, Giuffre sex case going on how much of a big thing would it be if in a years time Prince Andrew is tried, convicted, and sent to prison in the US?.


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It would be one of the biggest news stories in peacetime. But it is highly unlikely to happen like that. The smart money is still on a settlement in advance of the court case actually being heard. The problem for Prince Andrew is that he has been painted into a corner - if he goes to trial he stands a very real chance of losing and paying millions in compensation,...
17:27 Wed 02nd Feb 2022
Would you distance yourself from your child ~ the person
that you gave birth to ?

Strange isn't it that at Prince Andrew and Prince Harry birth
there was a question make over who their fathers were, both
looked like the named person s (just a thought that must
have went through a lot peoples mind.

Poor Claire - the 'distancing' is purely in the public image.

Andrew lives about a mile from the Queen, and visits almost every day.
I worded that wrongly ~ I did not mean where he lived I meant
would you hang or murder a member of your family just because
the media says so, I would stick thick andfast by my children.

I notice you did not comment about the rest of the post.

I wish HRH Prince Andrew (Duke of York) a very
Happy Birthday on the 19th February
Poorclare - I did understand what you meant.

The 'distancing' is about the public perception and does not affect the personal relationship between mother and son.
// I think the removal of his privileges and titles before any hearing has encouraged the perception of his guilt //

Being friends with a convicted sex trafficker hasn't done much for the perception of his guilt either and in my opinion that alone is a valid reason to take the badges off him. Judge someone by the company they keep. Even if he didn't 'do anything' what's he doing kicking about with people like that for? None of the others felt the need to. He's an idiot at very best.
At least a 1000 years.
and this weeks winner is..... TTT

The current case is civil - we have had this before many times. So cut tried, convicted and imprisoned and
substitute - heard, found against, and damages were X

The distinction between crim and civil is MUCH clearer now that a. Boris had sue gray ( not even civil, sub that even) and now the police are involved ( and starting again)

b. andrew - much misunderstood

c. The civil rape action - Footie player paid out £100 000 damages to a leddy - but there was no criminal trial

The two are separate

and of the 20 posts on this page
TTT, ellipsis and chris have grasped it

answer on boys and girls, I wdnt dream of trying to cut the useless yaaarting
// Even if he didn't 'do anything' what's he doing kicking about with people like that for?//

free boody - and I mean tucker and a bed
not kissing gurlz
In the unlikely event that he wins his case what would be the procedure to welcome him back to golf club membership, royal duties, and honorary colonelships?
Andrew is the luckless victim of a gold-digger who is now bitter, having lost her youthful sex appeal so can no longer reel in the idle rich.
And now it's being alleged that the infamous photo is faked - surprise surprise.

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Royal Prince Andrew Imprisoned?.

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